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  1. But, if hydrochloric acid react with something else , what should the formula of the raw material ( hydrochloric acid , HCI or HCI+H2O?)???
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    Why light converges or diverges when they passes the centre plane of the lens(middle of lens)?? When we draw graphs, we redirect the rays when they exactly passes at the middle.
  3. When we write chemical formula, such as water+sodium hydroxide H2O+NaOH, if we don't know the product , can we still have the correct answer?
  4. Why do chemists name HCI(aq) the formula as hydrochloric acid, but not name it as H2O+HCI = hydrochloric acid????
  5. Is chloroplast considered as cell?
  6. Generally, polyatomic ions contain polar covalent bonds. Still, the difference between polar covalent and ionic bonding is really subject to opinion. The "rule" chemists use is that if the electronegativity difference of the bonded atoms is greater than or equal to 1.7, it's an ionic bond. 1.7?? How about H2F? The electronegativity of hydrogen atom is 1.0 while the electronegativity of fluorine atom is 4.0, then why we still look it as a covalent compound?
  7. In my experiment , The plant (Chlorophyll )absorbs blue lights the highest but absorbs green light the lowest, what's the reason? Do the reasons are 1. the reflection of light ( colour ) ,2.the high energy from the blue light ? Would you like to suggest some other possible reasons for me, thank you.
  8. My teacher asked my class to do a homework to find the properties of hydrogen. I want to know that why once hydrogen atoms combines with other non-metal atoms, it shares its electrons instead of losing it?
  9. But, does the bond of the NO3 is ionic bond? And also, why in H2O molecule, it is bonded with covalent bond but not ionic bond, doesn't that hydrogen atoms lose electron for oxygen because of the strong electrostatic force of attraction from the strong nucleus of oxygen. What provided for the condition?
  10. Thank you. Anyway, is it true that carbonic acid dissolve in the chloroplast?
  11. My internet explorer 6.0 has problem. I want to reinstall it, but I don't know the steps. Please teach me
  12. How does a sea is covered with ice? Isn't that warmer water flows upward and cold water sink?
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