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  1. Sorry for the bump, but there are no terrorists. Technically there are but they are being funded by the CIA/whitehouse or whatever you like to call it. They are being funded by the CIA to go into iraq to keep the war going, trust me, over 70% of the insurgens are saudi, sent from the saudi goverment. Now the US have just sent something like $20billion worth of arms to saudi arabia, yeah for the insurgents they are sending there. They are going to make the war go on for years so they can profit while occupieing the country. (sorry about the spelling mistakes)
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    Some guy who wont beleive anything unless there is a reliable "source" (link)
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    Thanks . Do you have any links or refferences that I can show when they say im wrong?
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    Hi, this is my first post and im not sure if this is the correct section to post this but I'll go ahead anyway. Am I scientifically right in saying that time was created in an instant (going with the big bang theory) Thanks:eyebrow: (sorry if it's a stupid question im awful at science)
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