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  1. Hi Dears, I intend to build a model of seawater greenhouse with least 500 m2 in my country, IRAN. Iran possesses a vast area next to the gulf and beach justifying using this technology due to be placed in a site with water shortage. Nevertheless there are some problems and criticisms challenging using this technology in my country or maybe other countries. Really, discussing about my country's conditions for utilizing this technology can be a common case for many countries that is one of my interests& motives for entering this topic. But my main interest is getting an executive procedure for building of this greenhouse. So everybody thinks that can guide and help me and all pros and cons of this project, can come the discussion in. As a start point for entering to the discussion, don't you think RO(PV or solar pond)- solar powered (reverse osmosis) is a competitor for this technology? Also, I have a lot of papers and other texts for sharing our ideas about this topic for who are willing to study on it.
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