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  1. I know its not efficient but the point of this questions is to discover whether extracting energy in vacuum is possible. I dont know much about quantum physics seriously, but i know when matter and anti-matter collide, they will transform into a beam of intense gamma way. If the same theory apply to the vacuum fluctuation, we should able to obtain energy from the virtual particle annihilation. Many people say extracting vacuum energy is not possible because vacuum is the lowest state of energy, therefore extracting energy from the lowest state is not possible. but vacuum itself its not the lowest state! because vacuum itself has vacuum fluctuation, which mean in quantum scale, some vacuum space contain more energy than other vacuum space. so, why extracting vacuum energy is still not possible?
  2. according to what I know, brown dwarf dont have "main sequences" because they dont fuse Hydrogen and just fuse Helium or Lithium, but how long can a brown dwarf lives?
  3. If the dark matter occupy the higher dimension, will I ends up collapsing with a virtual black hole in the computer lab and being rip apart?
  4. Im not expertise on this field, however I do concern about the sustainability on our earth. and finding a renewable energy base on quantum physics seems inspire me alot. I know there is a new form of energy call vacuum energy and it exist everywhere, everytime, but why we can't exploit this energy? according to E=mc2, when two virtual particles collide, they should just like matter-antimatter collide, which ends up as gammaway. According wikipedia, "the vacuum energy in a cubic centimeter of free space has been estimated to be 10−15Joules." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_energy which mean if we can build something big enough, such as a device 1000000000000000 x 1000000000000000 x 1000000000000000 big, we should able to extract 1 J of energy in the given time. I know my idea sounds stupid to some of you, but assume we are now able to build this hypothetical device is that really going to extract 1 J in every given time and recharge my MP3 player? (for free)
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