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  1. hi,everybody..here i jusk wana that anybody knows about SPEED READING? and is it SPEED READING can assist a Science student? because as we know, Science and Art subject are not the same.Science more need to be understand,imagine and etc otherwise Art require someone to more memorizing:confused: . Therefore, is it SPEED READING approach can be use to studying Science?
  2. i read from a journal that said, the intelligence can be divided into two types of dominance field; (a) logic & (b) creative..[think no need to elaborate this field, renowned already..].They stated that brain structures of men and woman are things that make them different (lobus).This criterion can influenced the ability of thinking of a men and a woman in different field.For the case example,a boy and a girl were discharged into a maze.Next,they were asked to climbed a tall station to let them view from above.Then,they were asked again to trace the maze without going to the tall station.Finally,boy won to reached the last check point faster than a girl due to differently using their brain.Boy tends to think about and imagine the overall view(of maze's map) rather than a girl,which tends to focus part by part (about the maze's map).Then,the experiment further to using much boys and girls to let the hypothesis accurate.
  3. How gender can influence the intellectual properties of human?Anybody agree if I state here that girl is lack of creativity performance than a boy?
  4. 1)what is NUCLEOSYNTHESIS of LIGHT ELEMENT? where does it is happen? 2)what is the most little in number of element in the whole universe? and why?
  5. -->thinks so..but not really sure..because the first time i heard such term is from THE BRILLIANT BRAIN-National Geography Special.According to the TBB, Savant is a people who are accidentally becomes a genius due to brain damage.They put forward two example: (1) a labour that faced an exploded brain's blood vessel then suddenly getting overflowed ideas related to artistic area.(2) a savant that can tell people about the day if he was told the date of the day.He keep writing out the calendar's days and dates until 500 years later!He also was gifted in artistic field. And i hope you guys could give me the description of savant and not the meaning of the term of savant.. thanks you guys!! help more...he3:eyebrow:
  6. hello alls.. ermm,today i just want to bring a controversial topic to be discuss by us..ok? the topic is quite mystery and yet have been demystified with absolute solution or so on..the topic is about savant people...ok,what you guys will keep in mind when somebody talk about savant people? is it savant people can be assume as a brilliant human-being? anybody can elaborate this topic to a perfect description is allow to do that here..
  7. Also, what's with replacing the O's with 0's (o's with zeros) ~ for funs! anyways,thanks for the answer!!
  8. actualy i've been thinking about this...but hopefully i could find somebody to give me a solid explanation.. because I did know organic compund is composed of many such as phenol, alcohols, hydrocarbon(easy word,element that contain carbon ) and etc... but my Organic Chemistry practical questioning us like such.. I've try to pull in all organic compound so that a derivation of a symbolized equation will be happen but it seems....huh! please anyone....
  9. why are s0me alc0h0ls s0luble in water?
  10. what are the products of oxidation when an organic compound undergoes oxidation process?
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