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  1. well, i have to agree, i don't think we will ever know, don't expect to walk into some electronic matrix anytime soon
  2. 0 O o . Interesting thought, what would be the affect of knowing that everyone one is unique but you? that could really through them off the deep end, that's something dear old donor didn't have to face......
  3. Your enviroment, I think, is the biggest factor, you have to live and strive in your enviroment, so I would have to say that the child will be nothing like the donor. If one is bourn in a time of war, and the other in peace, then the one bourn in war will have a tendency to be violent or protective, where as the one bourn in peace will probably not see the need for either, or phsycologically speaking it could be vice versa, not wanting to emmulate the persons surroundings...
  4. and above all, let her win sometimes, being overly scientific is ok, being a know-it all is not learn to lose and win with grace... it helps a lot. sometimes proof is overrated (did i just say that?) Let her emmotions be strong enough for you.. just once in a while, to make sure she feels like you understand where she is coming from, although this is coming from the girl who is in love iwth having debates an dfights with her boyfriend... I still LOVE winning... actually, i'm kind of on your side, i'm more the scientfic one and he is more emmotional, it works out pretty well for us, just plan around feelings and everything else gets easier and falls into place...
  5. was there supposed to be writing with that?
  6. i have to ask, what inspired the addition of blind?
  7. actually even in biblical script, a lot of things point to the fact that the prominent or Abel's descendants were black.. just food for thought from a white girl....
  8. well even though that's all good points, i think we got a tad off topic, Are we Viruses..?
  9. how can you say it's incedental?
  10. well, an obese girlfriend always helps. if he's going to a football game party, i advise against airhead types, then he'll be sure to turn out grumpy, trying to keep his dolt of a wife happy, he needs someone to cook for him My advice, stay away from kids till you are old enough to apprciate the exuberance, and let them keep you happy, old grumpy Dr. Faf
  11. i appreciate that... /me smiles at quirks that always makes things interesting
  12. i'm inceridbble upset at this thread.... well, that's my two cents....
  13. symbiants are usually mutually beneficial, what you are talking about is parastic... i believe, unless i'm not getting your meaning..
  14. so you think we are viruses? that's sad, to think of yourself as such a hated thing.... but anyway, can deer plant grass or wolves artifically enseminate deer? no, we can recreate that which we kill, to some extent..... and did we make everything extinct? maybe indirectly speed them up, but cats could have found ways to come and kill of the doodoo's anyway, we just happened to unluckily speed things up.....
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