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  1. actually, i am doing exeriments using AlCl3, which is very sensitive to humidity. the possible HCl comes also form AlCl3. what will be the advantage of Lithium Bromide compard to P2O5? because I had never used P2O5 before, so I do not know how to use it safely. That is my qustion.
  2. I also use silica gel as the first dryingstep. but it has not so strong dehydrate ability as P2O5. so I try to use P2O5 for further drying because I need a very dry atmosphere with very humidity.
  3. I am tryng to use P2O5 as desiccant to dry the atmosphere( air) in a glove box. In the glove box there will be maybe small amount of evaporated HCl. because P2O5 is corrosive, not easy to handle. therefore, could somebody give me any advice how to handle the drying process at best.
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