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  1. sorry for digging up this old topic.. I just made my first concetrated sulfuric acid from car battery fluid. I condacted the experiment outside but during the process and just about before the fumes turn white i sensed a weird burn in my nose and my throat and i started coughing for 5minutes. I was 5-6m away from the boiling mixture ! Does anyone know what is the white smoke that come out when you boil H2SO4 ? Is there a way to prevent the release of fumes into the atmosphere... by bubbling the fumes through a NaOH solution for example ? I also threw some Copper into concentrated H2SO4 but i didnt get the blue color that you get when you add copper into HNO3. Why so ? does anyone know ? H2SO4 cant oxidise copper ?
  2. Thanks for the tips and the resources man. You me be right and my Zn have turned into a Zinc oxide crystal structure like zincite Maybe i heated it too much... MAPP blow torch flame can reach 1300 C
  3. Hi, is there a way to increase the consentration of a 10% HCL solution that i found to a 30-40% HCL ?
  4. Hi all ! this is my first post here...i am a hobbyist from Greece and i just discovered this forum. for experimenting purposes i tried to melt Zn extracted from an alkaline battery. I had read in wikipedia that Zn melting point is abou 420 degrees Celsium so i heated Zn with a MAPP blow torch that i have but instead of melting it turned more solid and it took a pale yellow color !? Does anyone know why so ? Thanks in advance
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