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  1. And if we happen to go back/forward to a time, and we change something event only very-very small thing, so everything,everyone,everytime including now and past will also affected. And so that is like paradox.paradox is happening to everything,everyone,everytime.So time traveling is only for fiction. Every energy is connected as one big energy design,the vibration is affacted by each other.Everything is connected each other.So that energy(or what it is called) is absolute and can't be change. Everything is set right. Its work as one absolute energy. When you open your eyes,your energy is effecting with your surrounding energy,and that surrounding energy also effecting another energy and so on. And that vibration(or some force) has make the energy to look and act like they are dissociate each other and become gather in a small part as matter,space and time.
  2. As quantum physics speculation about illusion of matter, I come with some thinking of,matter is illusion created by event(time) by the energy vibration (I am not scientist only curious person, pls pardon any miss conception). So if any one could travel or aware of faster than light(time) so the one will out of the event it self, and there will be no matter, time and space. You will not in the event(time). So you cannot go back or forward in that event(time). because your wil be absolute without time just energy.and you will not feeling being exist. Time is an illusion of different absolute condition being compare each other. I realize that this is very2 confusing event for me. I am trying to use the right word,but it so complicated. I will try to edit my word if I fine something match what is in my mind. So please CMIIW.
  3. As due to small and large(size) factor there are also simple cell and complicated cell (what ever the term in use) factor in life form.... A minuscule life form cannot considered as small being,they just a more simple cell being...and that also being the factor of their size..... But if you see some majority from our history...you can see that we turn to be smaller and smaller as times go......because our earth,or a lot of planet gravity (mass) become denses and denses to a singularity. I am no expert nor scientist,but I just figured it out from my own observation........so I maybe some expert can give us more clue.......????? sory for my bad english.
  4. In my opinion and some of my own observation, I have come to a teori that,more dense the earth because of increasing gravity(mass),the smaller in size also the life in it. It base on theory about energy. Bigger gravity means more weight,more weight means more energy,so our body need to reduced the size factor to efficient the energy needed. And another factor is,in molecular base,the weight is influenced by the gravity too...so our molecule also become smaller smaller and smaller....... So if one is searching for ET in another planet, they also need to consider size factor. CMIIW
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