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  1. The thought just occurred to me that someone would weigh more on either of the poles than they would on the equator! I wonder what the difference would be?
  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/scienceandtechnology/science/sciencenews/4243321/Mars-methane-discovery-hints-at-presence-of-life.html
  3. If you did jump out of a spaceship in the vacuum of space with no hope of rescue. Consider how lucky you have been that life has been so good to you up until this point. If life hasn't been that good to you, which, considering your current situation seems more likely, consider how fortunate you are that it won't be bothering you for much longer.
  4. Do electrons 'actually' orbit the nucleus or is it, as someone has suggested, simply a probability density function?
  5. But in at least four physical dimensions. With the 3D Universe that we inhabit being the surface of this 'sphere'. In this case from our 3D perspective there can be no end to space in exactly the same way that there can be no centre to the universe. To use a 2D in a 3D world analogy, the surface of the Earth has no centre nor can you find the end. This is the way the Universe works except in at least 4 dimensions. There may well be a location for the big bang but it certainly isn't located anywhere in our Universe and as far as finding the edge of the Universe, well, it's everywhere, it's just that you would have to travel in a direction which isn't up/down, left/right or back/forth to get there.
  6. Space doesn't end in the same way that the surface of the Earth doesn't end. On the other hand, you could leave our Universe if you could find a way to travel at right angles to all three dimensions, so perhaps the end of space is in fact closer than the distance between a proton and it's electrons.
  7. I expect that the Earth would be quite happy to have a collision with this asteroid in the same way that a sheep is quite happy to take a dip in a bath of chemicals to get rid of all those nasty parasites...
  8. If I had a piece of string that was about 2mm thick but infinitely long it would have infinite mass. But, if you had two pieces of string like this would yours have twice the mass of mine? If so, how? Because my string still has infinite mass. And another thing. How is it possible to see light from the very very early Universe when surely the light that we are observing should have reached our current location in space long before the mass that makes us up did?
  9. I stand corrected.. How about when the Sun has finally blown itself to bits and ends up as a white dwarf. How will that effect bodies like Pluto?
  10. As the Sun is loosing something like 400 million tonnes a second in mass it must therefore be getting smaller. As it gets smaller its gravitational influence on the planets must therefore be lessening. Is it therefore reasonable to say that as the Sun gets smaller the planets are very slowly drifting further and further away?
  11. igosaur

    UV Rays

    I used to work in a nursrey (the greenhouse kind) and would spend all day in the blistering sunlight and come out just a pasty and white as when I went in.
  12. If the Earth is rotating faster than the Moon orbits giving rise to tidal forces which are speeding up the moons orbit and thus increasing it's distance from the Earth, will there come a point where the rotation of the Earth and the orbit of the Moon will match and then stay that way indefinitely or will it never quite catch up?
  13. It it could be that gravity is confined to 'clumps' of different universes rather than the infinite number that is predicted. Basically, we have our own electromagnetic forces, nuclear forces etc but we have to share gravity with a few friends
  14. Fascinating Or it could be that the event, rather than entering your memory after you consciously experience it is bypassing this and jumping directly to your memory before your consciousness giving you a memory of the event as well as the experience itself.
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