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  1. So I've been putting together plans to build a liquid rocket engine, most likely for a future rocket and would like to put forth a design just so I don't blow my time, money, and energy into something that won't work or will kill me. What I plan to do is have to tanks of fuel, one to hold the oxidizer which will probably be pure oxygen or nitrous oxide, and another to hold the fuel itself, which I've settled with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. From there I will pressurize the alcohol, and pipe both oxidizer and alcohol through small tubes into the combustion chamber where I predict they will ignite, and fire out of nozzle. So I have a series of questions to make sure I do it right the first time, and stay out of the hospital. 1) Will the fuel mixture, when in proper amounts, actually burn with enough energy to propel a rocket? 2) Am I missing any components? 3) What are some possibilities for the components to be made out of? (preferably easy to find in a hardware store or department store) 4) Would the contraption be safe enough? Thanks for the time.
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