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  1. a few fun things 1 youll need gel caps calcium carbide liquid soap, and water for this fill 1 gel cap with calcium carbide(aka bangsite i belive) set that aside, then make a LAYER of soap on top of the water then place the gel cap in the water and watch all the bubbles form, then if you really want you can make a loud bang by "safely" trowing a match into the bubbles OR grind up some KNO3 and sugar (2-1) and watch all the lilac flames and smoke pour out upon ignition, if its contained well enough this can be use in small cannons OR you could make a hails rocket which use inline fins which are curved to spin the rocket giving it stabillity
  2. just for the hell of it really it could be equally involved i guess
  3. does anyone know a way to make somthing a bit more energetic that KNO3+C6H12O6, but less involed than making nitrocelulose, curently i only have potassium nitrate, silver nitrate, and calcium carbide thanks for any help
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