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  1. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    Thanks for interesting post.As you mentioned I'm interest in group interactions.I want to see how the whole colony will react to enviromental changes and how will they adapt and will they maintain to work ass group.That was my first idea,and then another came to my mind. It was to expose queen and/or eggs to mutagens to see if mutations gonna occur and how will the whole group react to changed ants/will ants even change,and will they maintain group capabilities. So I combined 2 of those ideas and came up with what I wrote.
  2. But you cant use air propeller in water or water in air,it would be very inefficient. You can either change propeller or use universal one.And just giving you an idea,you can put turbines instead of front 2 propellers and make them moveable cause you need specific angle to fly in the air due big back thrust which I assume hold vehicle in the air to achieve stability.
  3. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    Im trying to change ants so they can live in other types of enviroment such as extreme temperatures etc.And by exposing queen to x-rays for short period of time im hoping to increase chances of mutations so that mutated ants can adapt faster/with more efficiency.
  4. Pointing you 1 thing,you need to have diffrend types of propelers for air and water to have maximum efficiency
  5. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    Its not school project.I can also use laboratory but it hasn't all requirements that you mentioned.Also I didn't want to use mutagens as liquids or something,I am concentrating on wave types example x-rays. And I choose ants because they work synchronized and you can see changes in their behavior to work as group
  6. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    My idea is to build an ant farm,to have the whole colony, and experiment with that not just worker ants.
  7. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    Ok,thanks for tip I heard for fruit flies before,but how can I increase chances off mutations?
  8. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    Im doing project about evolution.I picked ants because of their fast reproduction and short life.I'm going to put them in diffrend conditions and see if they can adapt/mutate.I wanted to increase mutations by exposing them to something that can do it,but I can not find anything,so please help.
  9. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    So does anybody knows any other way to induce mutations exept x-rays or radiating ants?
  10. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    Im searching for something like that(that can cause mutation),because im not able to expose ants to x-rays or radiation at home laboratory.
  11. bl4ster

    Ant mutation

    Can I make mutations at ants less rare by using cancerous things,such as radiation or x-rays?
  12. also if we look electrons as perpetum mobile,then our whole universe is perpetum.right?
  13. it doesnt break any law of physics,so why wouldnt it be possible?You just need enough powerfull brain to send waves,to make molecules move and cause friction.It seems not very hard
  14. Change laws of physics and you have perpetum mobile. Also eletrons move due out affects, its not possible to create something out of nothing
  15. U can by using linear motor,changing polarities of magnets.
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