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  1. I too am quite broad. I'll listen to anything that I like. I like and dislike music from all genres, so I can't really easily decide on a favourite. Jazz and Blues tend to irritate me though.
  2. You seem to have lead an extremely interesting life! I can only hope that mine will have at least some of the excitement that yours has, just preferably without as much persnoal risk.
  3. I shall try and dig it out for you. I have had no experiance with Perl so I'm afraid I won't be able to help you with it.
  4. The term 'convergent evolution' is used in a way which implies that there are other forms of evolution too. What others are there that I could look up information on?
  5. dudels


    That's sort of the point I was tryitg to put across, and now reading what I wrote I know I did it badly. If the universe has a limited amount of energy, then it can be said that parallel universes either can not exist; or can exist but do not require infinite amounts f energy to do so.
  6. Excellant stuff I'll go look into some convergent evolution theory so I know what my thoery is similar to.
  7. Sounds like fun I think I'll have crack at it after finishing eductation.
  8. I've learnt quite a lot already, which is very nice and surprising. I'll be around for quite a while longer
  9. I've lost track of things here. Who is using what argument against who for backing of which theory? I'm lost :s
  10. dudels


    If a two parallel universe exist, and infinite energy exists between the two; doesn't that imply that that each universe has half-an-infinite amount of energy each?
  11. Sounds interesting; although it is far beyond my current scope of things.
  12. What about when all energy is used (been converted to non-useful energy)? The universe is a closed system, so does this mean that we will just suddenly stop evolving?
  13. I think I will look into this, thank you for pointing it out.
  14. I've just started A-Level physics, this contains a fair amount of calculus, as Ragnarak has just stated. How is it taught at a pre-Uni level over there? I am most curious.
  15. Polymorphism in a sense. Whilst I agree that my theory is far from perfect, what theory is? Whilst sharks and dolphins do look somewhat alike, they both do draw charecteristics from their parent class; ie, dolphins can not 'breathe' the water, whereas sharks can.
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