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  1. due to loss of forested lands which used to be the habitats of wild elephants in the dalma hills of northern districts of west bengal in india,no. of those elephants are in a decline from 2004.most elephants die because they if mistakenly trespass into the farmlands which actually have been cultivated after destroyin gthe rainforests, they get entangled in the wires of the fences which are electrically charged and die of electrocution. sometimes, locals kill these wild elephants for coming into the civilized quarters.so actually loss of habitat does lead to extinction in a major way.
  2. cigs contain nicotine which is an addictive alkaloid. so as one smokes his lungs out, one gets more and more addicted to the cigs . it requires mental strenghth to quit which is in handcounted few.so if people increase the no. of cigs per day, it is mainly due to addiction not for any physical need, but a psychological one.
  3. polonium(po) indeed is radioactive.is polonium present in tobacco itself or is it administered separately in the cigarrettes??? if it is so harmful, then why polonium is not eradicated from tobacco? does polonium intoxicate???
  4. do cigarettes (not custom made cigars) contain any amount of polonium??they do contain cadmium, but apart from that is there any polonium?
  5. A child while growing up gets a mindset towards life as his surroundings teach him.thats why people say that those who have faced childhood traumas have some or other social phobias.social phobia is a part of our personalities but it is not genetic. say one's father has a huge temper(increase in blood pressure and increased adrenaline secretion).but it is not necessary that the kid is also going to have a huge temper cause may be the kid knows how to soothe the secretion of his stress hormones(yoga helps a lot).so personality is individuality."variation" (darwin) defines that.
  6. if a u-tube contains absolute alcohol in its 1 limb and pure water in its other limb , both separated by a semi-permeable membrane, then will osmosis occur between the two?(absolute alcohol contains no water molecules)
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