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  1. I'm talking about the copper like the one used in electrical wiring thats in household appliances, what temperature does the electrical current that is flowing through the electrical wiring reach when the appliance is connected to a household electrical plug?
  2. Yeah, thanks for the information but I want to know what temperature the copper has when there is an electrical current running through it.
  3. When there is an electrical current running through copper what temperature or temperatures does the copper wire strand reach?
  4. Cool, do you know how that color changing process would work. Information about this topic would really help me with the project. P.S. By the way I don't recognize those names.
  5. I was wondering if it is possible to mix fabric and color changing ink (like the ink that is put on micorwaveble syrup labels to tell when it is hot). Then put a heat conducting copper wire in the core middle of the color changing fabric. The effect will therefore be that when the copper wire is heated through electric conductivity the ink on the fabric will change from white (standard color) to what ever color is giving to the ink to change into, thereby making the entire fabric string to change to that color. Now if you do this process to all the colors in the color spectrum then you could entwine all of the different color changing fabric strings into one string that can itself change into any color, now if you make a shirt out of this all color changing fabric then that shirt can turn into any color (white being the standard color). To make it even better you could add some type of digital camera with inner flash that would take a picture of it's enviroment and send electrical signals to the primary color changing fabric string necessary to mimic the enviroment.
  6. OOOHHHH! Well like I mentioned humans make mistakes, it's in our nature. I appriciate the time you took to explain you ideas to me. I know see gravity as it truly is in the eyes of a scientific mind with experience. I just couldn't accept how mass can have such an effect on space-time, it just didn't make ANY sense what so ever to me. Thanks to many of these post (including yours) and can now finally let go of my radical idea of acceleration being the sole purpose gravity exist (besides MASS).
  7. Floersh, you mentioned how a bucket of water is spun and the centerial force is what kept the water inside the bucket (great example by the way). Now I was wondering, would that example also apply to a great sphere of mass with it's own atmosphere. See the reason I post this post is because I also put much thought into it and thought to myself "If the theory I'm concieving is true then everything on earth would be thrown into outer space." until I remembered "The earth has an atmosphere" meaning that there is pressure, and that pressure maybe what could be holding us down on earth, could pressure be the very key to the force of gravity. (Please correct me if I'm am wrong, Humans do learn from their mistakes). Well someguy, not to disapoint you, but you are half right about what my point is. What I'm actually trying to say is that mass by itself cannot create gravity. Yet according to newton's law of gravity, (correct me if I'm wrong) Gravity is dependent on MASS. So yeah your kind of are right someguy about how there is no known force of gravity created without mass.
  8. So there is absolutely no mass in the know Universe that contains gravity BUT does not contain any type of Accelerating Force.
  9. Never mind I already figured it out its URABUTLN, it's a riddle in this game I'm playing, yeah I don't get it either.
  10. Well what if the earth is to big to perform a scientific experiment to actually gain proof that the theory can actually be correct. Think about this, name one thing that has a gravitational pull that doesn't contain some type of accelerating force of some type. Can someone at least guess of something, I won't mock you for your resply, I just can't come up with ANYTHING myself that contains gravity BUT doesn't contain acceleration. I know I'm not right, so someone at least answer the question.
  11. In just 8 letters, how do you compliment the barmaid.
  12. What is found in the center of both America and Australia?
  13. Well what if the scientific understanding of gravity originating from mass (I'M JUST SAYING) ends up being somehow proved wrong.
  14. Thanks, but it's been kind of difficult for me to use it, but if it helps me play Wasteland with out my pc turning off on me well then, hello DOSBox.
  15. OOOOHHHHH, Operating System my bad I thought it meant something else. Yeah I'm using XP home, so it suck huh, well do you know how I can fix the backwards compatabiliy.
  16. classic 80's games, and I'm not sure what OS I'm running, how do I find out what WINE I'm using
  17. Most of the times I play dos games my pc all of a sudden just turns off on me without no reason. I was wondering what makes my pc turn and what could be a possible solution to this really annoying problem.
  18. Yeah my bad, just that that post was just too much in lamans terms and I thought the post was kind of unnessessary in a way, but ya are right I kind of over reacted. And I only put the heat into energy into lamans terms too, what I really ment to says was that I and many others hava a really good understanding of how thermal energy works, but some noobs or members may not so good post, very informative.
  19. I Know Heat Can Be Created Into Energy. I Think We All Know How Steam Power Work. This Is Science Forum How Can You Possibly Think We Don't Know How Energy Is Created From Heat.
  20. Reasons to join the this scientific are fairly obvious, you lose nothing and gain everything. This site needs as many possible member to make our knowledge as great as possible. By joining our collective you learn and share ideas and knowledge. SFN would be honored to have as many possible members so all you guest should just join in an advance your knowledge of the world in the greatest way possible.
  21. yeah, exept it uses the technological mechanizism of a ballista. And it's made out of wood.
  22. what would be the metal materials necessary for the project's cylinders
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