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  1. The magic cure to the flue: Zinc? http://t.co/tPUMiWt via @scisharkweb

  2. Facebook is a CIA program, long live wanbee http://t.co/buagm0S via @scisharkweb

  3. Polymer-based solar-thermal device will heat your home (and save you money) http://t.co/rWSjGTP via @scisharkweb

  4. Funky Laser patterns explained http://t.co/m3F48Uw via @scisharkweb

  5. Why Are Vampires terrified of garlic? http://t.co/w26Rphc via @scisharkweb

    1. Moontanman


      I like garlic, mix it with a little bit of blood, hmmmm

  6. How does baking powder work http://t.co/AWFYP3g via @scisharkweb

  7. Commented on: Nature vs. Nurture: Mysteries of Individuality Unraveled | LiveScience: http://soc.li/kCSSA2a

  8. Mad cow disease (also known as Bovine spongiform encephalopathy [bSE]) is a neurodegenerative, fatal affliction of cows. It’s caused by prions, which are proteins that are normally present in cows, but they have been mis-folded. Think of a paper clip as a prion, and its unwound form as a straight strip of metal is the original protein. The mishapen prions can also induce other normal proteins around them to become prions. Prions are not alive – they are errant proteins produced in an animal, much like cancer cells are regular human cells gone wrong. http://www.interestingscience.net/madcow/ Seems like mad cow is going to stay for a while
  9. Mad Cow Disease : Is it still around? http://t.co/8rXoecX via @scisharkweb

  10. Solution to plastic bag problem: Biodegradable plastic http://t.co/ko7Ezmt via @scisharkweb

  11. Why do we take exams? An alternative explanation http://t.co/yPvdh4Z via @scisharkweb

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