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  1. Thank you YT2095 ! I did just as you instructed in your first reply and the quality of the sound of the circuit has improved drastically as well as the easiness of tuning. However the power has only improved just a little over 10meters :making the transmitters maximum distance of coverage 160m approximately. Any help again ?. Its Clement saying hi from Ghana.
  2. Dear F. Doomed, Actually I need that for some fine experiment irrespectful of the distance ,even if it can be transmitted and received within only 1meter(maximum). Thank you very much for the reply. Greetings from Ghana bye!
  3. Is There Any Electronic(s) Engineer(s) Here? Through years of hardwork & trials I have successfully designed/Invented the Radio Transmitter circuit shown below. BUt this transmitter can cover a range of 100-150meters(with an antenna of hight 3-5meters) only, and a frequency range of 90-103MHz(by adjusting the rheostat or the number / size of the copper wire inductor). I therefore need help on how to Increase the Power of this Transmitter by at least 10 times such that it can cover >1Km(1000meters). Thank you. DiAGRAM TO BE ATTACHED:Usage (Not linked)
  4. Its Original but I only used the quotes to highlight some vital points.But I would edit if its advisable;do I?-Since that would invalidate some of the comments under it. thanks for your opinion Phi for All. Thank you for the correction & that good abbreviation(M.M.M)-Tesseract. Hmmm! .... Cumbersome questions but.....welllll! ,because among all the numerous species on earth Man exhibits extraordinary intelligence ...to the extend of trying to know how /who/what brought him here, Isn't that complex enough to convince you?(J'Dona). It involves Space/Time and Matter/Energy-you can only exempt nothing; since nothing can not exist. I used 'Independent Rate' to indicate 'Its Own Pace' or 'Not affected by a Catalyst'-And in actual sense, I am not sure there is any way of changing the 'Rate of Evolution'(please update my knowledge with it if any) despite this era of 'Genetic Engineering'(quite advanced of course!). Demosthenes-Quite Creative? ................................................................................................ Eternity Exists- But Only Possible With The Invention Of a Forseeing Machanism
  5. "Matter-Master-Mind" YES.....God exist but NOT in the human form as the various RELIGIONs believe . Rather God is the "Matter-Master-Mind" of the Universe that programmed the "Mechanism of Evolution" rolling fundamentally; at an "Independent Rate" :and Man(Homo sapiens) is (or amongst) the master-pieces of this Evolutionary Mechanism Trend. If you view the Universe or Existence as a CIRCLE then either 'God would represent the Centre and Man(the master-piece) the Circumference' or vice versa.And the other Living and Non-living things occupying the rest. This programming is just as you programme your computer to understand or do your commands!! WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ? ............................................................................................... "Eternity Exists- But Only Possible With The Invention Of a Forseeing Machanism"
  6. Please can frequencies(f) in the range of [1<f<2]Hz be generated,transmitted and received by electronic circuits(oscillators)? I would also like to know the lowest possible frequency that can be generated due to the limitations of likage currents and transistor frequency response. Thank you. I hope you would help.
  7. Thanks DimShadow7 & Co... For Your Replies!
  8. “I constructed a circle by tracing around the shape of the base of a good cylinder(such as Milk Tin): How can the centre of such a circle be obtained, in order to measure its radius? IN SUMMARY: How Can an Unknown Center of a Circle be Located? NB: With only a straight edge and a pair of compasses.
  9. I know there is a proof that angles can not be TRISECTED,but does it really mean we should give up the search for any possible method? Below is a TRISECTION procedure(I ever sent to a Board of Discussion ). And I need the comments of this Board's members:either in FAVOUR or AGAINST with REASONS: I need to reserve the calculations involved in the proof of the Trisection Procedure and go straight to an Undisputable(Practical) proof: It is not by chance/guess that an(y) angle can be TRISECTED ; but has a Concrete Proof from a familiar but hidden Rule/Law I have Discovered which Scientists/Mathematecians have failed to Notice/Apply since the Dawn of maths to Trisect angles. It States: The radius of any circle divides its own circumference into six(6) equal parts,when turned/rotated around it.In the TRISECTION sense:"The radius of any semi-circle divides its arc(i.e.,semi-circle) into three(3) equal parts"and hence the angle it sub-tends. Did you know this? Because whoever knew this(Theorem) and would still argue that an angle can not be TRISECTED is denying himsef of knowledge. TRISECTION OF ANGLES 2ND VERSION:where the angle is 180 degrees or less This procedure is Similar to the first version but gives a very CLEAR PICTURE of the THEOREM stated above: To Trisect angle OAB: With O as a centre use any reasonable radius to mark an arc accross angle OAB. With a straight edge join the arc intersects with line OA and OB,name this line alpha(line A). Now bisect angle OAB and name the bisector line beta(line B),preferably short-dashes line. Use the point of intersection of the two(2) lines as a centre and adjust the compass to the radius of half(1/2) line alpha and construct a semi-circle/circle between the lines OA & OB. With the same radius use line alpha intersection line OA as a centre and mark arc alpha along the circle and next,arc alpha as a centre mark another arc beta towards line OB. [you can decide to repeat this procedure from line OB to obtain arc gamma(arc G) and arc omega(arc W) to ascertain accuracy]. Now join the arc(s) intersects along the circle/semi- circle to centre O with a straight edge and measure the three(3) seperate angles. [if Construction/Drawing were possible on this board,my illustrations would have cleared all the doubts]. Now your comments. NOTE: There is SCARCELY perfection in DIVISIONS(esp.,Angles): For the division of an angle into "n" equal parts;beside Human Error,a deviation of ±[n/n1/n]° is an avoidable is some special Cases; where n=No. of divisions. And for multiple/repeated divisions, deviation=±[(n/n1/n)x (n1/n)r],where r=No. of repetitions. eg for trisection deviation maximum=±[3/31/3]=2.08°. If an angle is bisected and again (bisected)a deviation of [(2/21/2)x(21/2)11]°=2° is possible. Dark Orange Text means index or raised to the power Thank you. Its Domayele, Greeting(s) from Ghana.
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