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  1. Haha! thanks for the advice. i've had my share of un expected snaps on my fingers. not the greatest thing to endure.
  2. Yeah your supplied with one, and we were only allowed to use one. :/
  3. Yes. sorry i didn't explain that. the mousetrap is attached to a string which is wrapped around an axle, it's to make the car move. not to catch a mouse
  4. It doesn't matter matter if it's based on our brains, theres nobody who mastered in creative writing, mechanical engineering, history, Music and Arts..so on.. but yet, with a Computer, there is an unlimited amount of learning that can be programmed in to it. Now then again, I doubt that a computer could come up with theory's the way that the human mind does. They simply don't have the creativity that we do, and that's something you can't program in to a computer.
  5. I was recently confronted with the challenge of making a "mousetrap car." The rules were simple, make a functional car using a few slabs of balsa wood some copper bars used as axles and CD's as wheels (and of course a mousetrap.) My group used a fairly simple design, simply cut out 3 pieces of balsa, two were long rectangles, about 2 inches by 10 inches. these were put on the sides of the car and glued to a 4 inch by 8 inch piece of balsa (which was put on top of the car, so it had a top and two sides, the top did not fully reach the length of the sides, we then had the idea of using only thre
  6. Yes i agree it seems illogical. but all these formulas add up . and sure you can add something with infinite numbers by ten. just imagine setting it up like you set up any multiplication problem 10 .9 9 so therefore 10 .99 9.9 and... 10 .999 9.99 and so on...(which would be 9.9999 infinite)
  7. no, .999999999 doesnt equal zero .999999 repeating does. you seem to have forgotten the infinite after the .999...... So think about it. .33333333 repeating equals 1/3 1/3 times 3 equals one. .33333333 repeating equals .9999999 repeating therefore, .9999999 repeating = 1 ..in theory..
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