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  1. My English is terrible! Thanks!
  2. I know! But I thought you were saying it was correct:-)
  3. oh my...you guys are taking the problem way too serious! ok ok I give up:doh: thanks all of you:D perhaps I've misunderstood your post.
  4. How would 12s be correct even approximately?
  5. So how long does falling from Everst take? I heard someone said it only takes 12s but my calculatios shows it takes about 42s! Am I missing something here or that person has made a mistake? I need the real time not the approximate:eyebrow: Height: 8,848 m (29,029 ft) Thanks:-)
  6. Lawle$$


    so how do birds find the right direction during immigration? plz dont move this thread to another section since i guess it has something to d with earth magnetic field!
  7. Lawle$$


    Why cant see the stars when its snowing/raining? Thanks
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