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  1. My guess is it's just you. And not every statement you find objectionable is a strawman.
  2. I'm assuming you don't want to go down the road towards solipsism. Consider this the least idiotic path this tangent may follow. Presumably they'd consult their conscience. What in this life is intrinsically right? Easy. In the case of a man who rejects solipsism. So why should we be concerned with the latter? This is not surprising. I'm definitely not considering the insane, so why would you think that I'm trying to reach "everyone" in the strictest sense of the term? How so?
  3. If the Patriot Act is the core of your underlying reasoning, then the US is only as fascist and possibly less so than it was under most of the Carter Administration.
  4. Actually, the term would be "entitlement," not "right." There is no country in the world which provides a defined benefit on terms that can be tested in open court. The only difference between the American system and that of more civilized countries is the structure and scope of the publicly offered entitlement.
  5. There's no trading of insults here, just two grown men engaging in some banter in the midst of a discussion. That said, bascule picked an arbitrary model of political ideology--like you--and declared it valid by fiat. Tell me how this isn't going to descend into yet another "conservative/liberal" label debate? Sounds good to me. They could use the handicap.
  6. She calls you out on the BS, too? Cool. Either way, the fact remains you responded to Pangloss' one blanket assertion with a bunch of your own.
  7. Wow, those are just a whole bunch of blanket assertions.
  8. COINTELPRO didn't end until 1971. American involvement in the Vietnam War persisted until 1973. FISA wasn't enacted until 1978. Care to revise your position?
  9. That's your look out. You can at least acknowledge that normal do. Then you should probably do something about that.
  10. I'm trying to figure out how anyone can possibly answer yes to this question, at least now that you've qualified it with a time gate.
  11. So you're asking if country is more or less fascist since before the end segregation of the military, let alone Jim Crow?
  12. Can you name some of the mysteries of physics you've dispelled?
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