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  1. Just a quick thankyou the information provided led me on the right path it was extremely helpful and really appreciated thanks again.
  2. When considering the biodiversity of an aquatic system after a human caused disaster (chemical spill). What would be a adequate measure of biodiversity. In the past I have used Margelef’s index to study species richness Dmg = (S-1)/ln N. This however does not take into account influences or stresses placed upon the population / ecosystem or the reducing of the population due to death and or emigration. Is there such a measurement that can predict future loss or is a before and after study design needed to test impacts?
  3. I am a marine science student doing a study on the treatment of cyanide in the marine environment. Would like to know what a good treatment for a major spill would be, how long the area would remain toxic and if possible the effects of the treatment on life (if any left in the area). The type of spill I am researching is cyanide from mining practices. Any help on these question or any information regarding cyanide would be greatly appreciated. I have refered to the internet and scientific journals with no real luck. Thanks for the time.
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