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  1. I have made standard solutions of gallic acid and ascorbic acid to estimate total h2o2 scavenging activity. I used Xylenol reagent. I got different od values and calculated % of inhibition values for various concentrations of gallic acid and ascorbic acid solutions. Now I want to just verify my data. Can anyone give me source for either absorbency s or ic50 values of gallic acid and ascorbic acid standard curves? I tried to search many journal articles, but didn't find anything exactly related to this. As I have not registered, I have no access to many sites like scopus.
  2. I am Indian, I am doing my masters in Molecular microbiology. Some of subjects interesting to me are:population genetics, evolutionary genetics, forensics, biological anthropology, medical microbiology, plant pathology I don't know anything about doing phd abroad. So I would request you to give me some details about: -What all exams I have to write to go? -Which are the best places to go? -which are the best universities? -how many years will it take to finish phd? -what are advantages of doing abroad? -what are financial aspects, scholarships? Thank you for answering
  3. It is not my homework, I need to do some project related to this... Active metabolites are its secondary metabolites which can be used as prodrugs....
  4. Which is the best, quick fractionation method to isolate active metabolites from various species of terminalia??? I prefer methods using alcohols, methanol, phenolics, etc.. than column methods. Can I get detailed procedure of it? Please mention any website or any article related to it. If possible, please give me details of practical difficulties and advantages of that method. Thanks in advance.
  5. plz give me any links of articles related to it...
  6. I need to write a ten pages assignments about those two topics.So i need references and links about them.Articles should be somewhat advanced and accurate.So please provide me some links or articles which are of very high standard...Thanks in advance.
  7. I need to write a ten pages assignments about those two topics.So i need references and links about them.Articles should be somewhat advanced and accurate.So please provide me some links or articles which are of very high standard...Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you soooo much!!source is wonderful.
  9. Thanks for giving many details I would like to ask one more thing.What should be the title of experiment?? I already thought of two titles, but our sir rejected them.He is very particular about terms and their meanings in title.one is "study of types of micro organisms in expired food and fresh food".My sir told me that it is not possible to study all types of bacteria as it is very short term project.So he asked me to change "study of types", then again I went with another title."differentiation of microbial content of expired food and fresh food". Sir again said that their wont be anything called as expired or fresh food.He asked me to use term "expiry date". So can anyone suggest me some title? If possible please provide me with articles related to expiry dates or give me some website names or books and authors names.
  10. plz mention how to pour medium into plates and inoculate without contamination.What all are the sources of contamination?why am I getting moisture in petriplates after autoclaving.
  11. My class gave no guidance because they did not ask me to collect any spore producing species.They asked to pick some colony randomly.I am asking anybody to give me some hint to select sample to be used and colony because I personally want to get positive results for all the tests.I heard that coloured, smooth colonies are pathogenic,microbes isolated from soil are mostly of bacillus type, from dung are mostly of escherichia type, etc..so I am searching for some more key points like that.I am not sure whether there are any such shortcut key points or hints to know about microbes by seeing colonies.They need not to be accurate.So I am asking you people.
  12. ohh!!!Is it so??its too bad :unsure:there should be some reason for which the product stays fresh before expiry date!! If this is true, all different foods manufactured in different conditions should have different expiry dates.Will it be like that?
  13. Exactly.I just want some culture to learn basic techniques.I am not going to characterize any new culture.I need existing culture.I will try your shoe idea.I wanted such ideas.reason is, when I tried spreading soil sample, I got clumsy plate.I dint know what colony to take.Moreover if I choose any colony which donot produce spores or if it is yeast colony, I will fail in techniques.So I am just asking you people to give me some key points to select inoculum and to select colonies from it so that I can select organisms which are known to you already and about which you are sure that they will give good results. I just mentioned word unique because I need to have some culture which is different from what my friends are having.They all will try to isolate from air or water.So I want to try something different.
  14. I need to do some innovative project in my college.I am planning to compare microbial content of foods with different expiry dates.In order to write principle for that experiment, I need to understand what exactly is the expiry date.Most of the foods will be fine even after expiry date.Why??What is the basis for calculating expiry date?Is there any difference between expiry date and other forms of it like best before..etc..If there are any aspects of this experiment, please do mention them.Thanks in advance.
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