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  1. The great error of M-theory is the numbers of dimensions , 11 of space and 1 of time .The solution is 10 of space and two of tme in order to be in agreement with Stefan-Boltzman law .I thing a professor fix it 2006 who introduced two dimensions of time .
  2. The newest experement in RHIC (american collider) provided te temperatures of collisons .In that collisons gluon plasma created .But the temperatures were very low than an explosion , or a chaotic collison . What make the deference ? I believe that the existence of gravitation force keep so low the temperatures. http://nalxchal.blogspot.com
  3. I had wrong calculations The lengths of crash are 5TeV 10^-23m 1000TeV 10^-22m for temperature 10^12kelvin
  4. The newest enounsement 18/6/2011 about temperatures at LHC collisons is 10^12Kelvin That temperatutes exist in neutron stars. In which depth they crash nucleus , I believe that they are close to planck length 10^-30.m
  5. This article is a compendious presentation of a model which concerning the Hawking field for small black holes. In this model there is a modification of the Hawking-Plank mass, because it fits with the energies of the atomic and subatomic particles and explains the phenomenon of the microwave background radiation. The model is cosmological with astronomical approaches.
  6. λ is a symbol for wave length different of wave length lc and λ/lc=2π you must read the pdf
  7. Definition of unified field : In Stefan-Boltzman temperature the length of Wien is 20% of observed (greek l) .Also exist light 20% to blue than Wien length (lc). analogies of two radiations greekl/lc=2pi , Stefan-Boltzman temperature/Plank temperature = 5 Background temperature of universe , Stefan-Boltzman 13,52K = 5xPlank temperature two dimension of time and unified theory In my papers of unified field theory we do not find the two dimensions of time as we discribe in my phylosophy book . But the two forms of wien law give us the hope to indroduce relativity and numbers of freedom in wave function of plank or Maxwel-Boltzman . Also Stefan-Boltzman law will be transformed as we can see in first paper .Stefan-Boltzman law is arised in paper first in a few funnctions from hypotheses .The space of unified field is logarithmic and it could be explained by two dimension of time E-MAIL : REMOVED
  8. Hi! I think I have an interested idea about space as a conclusion of my resarch http://www.wbabin.net/science/alexandris8.pdf
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