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  1. *bump* I would like to get a more definitive answer. If I have blue eyes, then do I like pastel colors or not?
  2. While reading a topic about web color contrast I found this interesting information: As an art teacher, I have experienced first-hand one of the elements he [itten] mentions, the fact that people tend to prefer their own physical coloration, that is blue-eyed blond(e)s like blue and yellow specifically, and light, bright, pastel colours in general, while olive-skinned, dark-eyed people tend to prefer browns, blacks, and other deeper, more saturated colours. I was covering an art class once where a blonde student was being pressured by her brunette teacher into darkening and deepening the colours of her painting. I explained her teacher's natural colour bias, and exhorted the student to be true to herself (though I am dark myself, and have the same bias). Is that true or just a simple myth? Can color bias really be so simple as the color of your skin and eyes?
  3. Typical "top 10" facts about dreaming: http://www.boredpand...reams-dreaming/ How can they say that with such certainty? Where is the research and evidence? Are there any good articles about this topic (I couldn't find any)?
  4. What is the value in RGB? 0 255 0 ? Could the answer be "optic yellow" that was concluded to be most visible tennis ball color for TV viewers in one scientific research? typical environments in the game:
  5. Hello first post here! I can't find an answer to what hue of green/yellow exactly is the human eye most senstivite to (in RGB). These are the most informative articles I could find: http://en.wikipedia....n_the_human_eye http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cone_cell This could be useful for stuff like enemy color in FPS games that allow brightskins for enemies, etc. #edit: http://www.powertech...sensitivity.pdf This is interesting. Does it mean that if I play quake in dark settings then I should set my enemies to blue color. But again -- which hue of blue?
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