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  1. Thank you for the input people. I have a lot of (AL) tubing but I will get some pyrex equipment. It is not worth the risk of having a mishap with this dangerous subtance.
  2. Thats a good idea to test for short time exporsure. Butt, It whon't tell what long time contact with this acid will do.
  3. Store it as dry as possable in water tight contaner. It is simple to add H2O and make any consentration needed when needed..
  4. There is a bacteria the can turn starch into butanol ; a great sub four gasoline. If you have the right setup you can reach 80% or 160 proof with out distilation. It is possable to just skim from the top and feed to the bottom so you would in theory have a continuous operation. However, I can;t remeber the name of this microbe. ** (lots of starch around) Can any body tell me the name of this organism and where to get some? It also makes acetone. I think acetone is part of the name.
  5. I need to know if 90% nitric acid will dessolve my aluminum tubing. Does anyone have any experanice with strong HNO3 ?
  6. sulfuric acid potasium nitrate ammonium nitrate potasium chorlate potasium prechorlate sodium nitric acid mercury phosphorous (red and white) HCL
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