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  1. So. I say that the greatest scientist in history are wizards. That they are not pack mind. That they have no ego. And the pack mind of science decides that I am anti math. If you would dare read my posts you would find that my mathematical knowledge eclipses most in this forum. Math is not reality. that doesn't mean that I think that it is "evil". (evil is a pack mind construct) Please *attempt* to argue the idea instead of attacking me or blaming me for imagined attacks.
  2. quantum physics is the application of a two dimensional equation to a three dimensional object. to make matters worse they decide to apply the odd equation in three dimensions and orthogonally. as the one dimensional quantum leaves the domain of their equation they claim mysticism instead of error. When it is there they claim science and probability. The uncertainty is nothing but the inability to determine the local coordinate system of the object under scrutiny.
  3. There is only one "thing" in the universe. It is a quantum. It is one dimensional and only has length. There are so many of these in the universe that it is a number that your mind can not comprehend. Galaxies are built from them, *everything* in the universe it built from them. If any one of the quanta moves it creates time. Time is a two dimensional field created by the movement of of a quantum. The faster the 1D quantum moves the more time it creates. This causes two things. The 2D time field both bends the path of the quantum and the field extends farther from the quantum, affecting other quanta in range of the field. Any bend in the path will create a loop. The path will always meet perfectly since a one dimensional thing being pulled by a two dimensional field can only create a flat plane. A complete loop is what we call an "electromagnetic wave". Big loops complete slowly. The completion rate is the frequency. As the quantum moves more quicklt it make a stronger time field and bends ever tighter. Small loops ar visible light. a loop that has its head *almost* catching up with its tail is a gamma ray, the highest frequency of a wave. The loops have direction to their spins. Once the head catches the tail an electron pops into our awareness. The mass of an electron that we measure is the distance that a closed loop "pushes" into 3D space when spinning at our current 'rate of time". If you could stop the local passage of time the electron would "relax" to a rest mass of zero. The faster you spin an electron the more the diameter contracts and the further it "pushes" into 3D space and the more mass it has. The path of the 1D quantum has become a cylinder and the 2D acceleration field gets "depth". If another time quantum tries to cross the center of an electron its path curves so quickly that it never makes it to the other side. This makes a magnetic monopole. Electrons *are* monopoles. If the electron spins passed a particular rate something strange and wonderful happens. The loop can't maintain the cylinder shape of the electrons and "pops" into a new 3D path. The tiny center is rotating quickly and the loops were just hanging out too far to keep up. The loop looks something like a Lorenz attractor equation. as the spin gets higher loops are added. At the first loop we call this a proton. add the second and it's a neutron, add a third and its a helium nucleus. Continue on to build ever higher spins and masses. Looks like one loop to argon then add a second to get metals and a third to get the rare earths. An interesting feature of the Lorenz equations is that the path goes chaotic at particular values. This is the source of all randomness and chaos in the universe. All the other paths are stable. Another feature is that for some portions of the path the quantum is moving backwards against the forward rotation of time - even though it is still moving "forward" allong the path. This creates short sections of anti-magnetism. Since the loops are stable within their energy states these anti-magnetic "spots" have distinct three dimensional relationship to each other. These are "positive". Anti-magnetic fields attract magnetic fields. These are the connection points to stick folded quantum together. This makes ferromagnetism mutch easier to explain. Electrons are spinning cylinders that stick to distinct spots on an iron atom. If you put the iron in a magnetic field they will detach then reattach spinning in the same direction. Smack the iron thing hard and the electrons will disengage and re-attach randomly. Super conductivity then becomes a balance between the anti-magnetic spots of the atoms and monopoles of the electrons. "Cool" the material - slow its time - and the electrons will relax. This brings us to "particles". Particles are just spirals. They were loops and were broken by matter smashing into matter. The spiral has mass from it's depth. Spirals can be in either "hand" and be spinning in opposite directions. These "reverse spirals" were anti-matter. You could call them spirals and ant-spirals? Now that we have time, energy, light, matter, and magnetism, let's move on. Any loop will accelerate another loop. Any matter in the universe will be attracted to any other matter in the universe. As long a time passes. With no time matter repels as the electrons relax. But there is always time in a magnetic field. So matter maintains itself with no time. As it collects togetehr in an externalk magnetic field matter builds its own field. Once the field gets strong enough it starts "creating" electrons by spinning the fast enough to close the loop. This make more mass that make a stronger field that atrract more matter. Eventually the field is strong enough to create protons and it grows ever faster. More mass, more field and Helium gets made. In fields strong enough to produce other energy in the process. A star is born. Toss a rare earth magnet into deep space and it will eventually form a star. Keep adding time that gets converted into energy and mass. The thing just keeps growing. A red giant is a solar system whose planets are all massive enough for the production of hydrogen. Lumpy stars. As the mass climbs the elements are made. The higher time rate stars are only partially visible to us. We think white dwarves are massive and tiny because their radiation is mostly blue-shifted out of our timereate. Black holes are stars that have all their output blue- shifted beyond our timerate.Type 1A supernovae are red-shifted to where we see the same top end of radiation from explosions that are very different in intensitiy.
  4. Then please don't read my posts. You made up your mind You b"believe" in gravity, spacetime, neutrons, fusion, antimatter. But they are all false. And you don't even attempt to understand.
  5. -- Apologies! Just found gravity. Was trying to figure out how to describe the 2D time/acceleration field . . . It is still "magnetism"
  6. So. I know you are out there. This is the real deal. Can someone break it? Please?
  7. more pack mind. I didn't show the sectret symbols? No math means stupidity? therefore ideas are not even considered. You made up your mind far before coming up with "if I continued to waste . . ." Science is supposed to be about the ideas - you pontificate about how people should *act*. use our math on that. Joining with the pack and calling all outsiders "stupid, evil, wrong, "delusional" ? - yep, someone with a advanced degree. Erdos is a wizard
  8. clues when 2D goes 3D mass is "created" so when 1D goes 2D . . . magnetism, waves. fields when a 1D time quanta "pushes" (as mass pushes into 3D) it corkscrews? (a 1D thing can not spin) it is only straight if it is not moving. but why the perpendicular vector? that is external to the corkscrew. corkscrew loops . . . is the universe creating time? fair question. imagine "the firmament" shift a short 1D part of it it pushes against and pulls away from "the firmament". so the universe is time - it's just shattered into a bazillion pieces? (not really, but cool imagery) why the perpendicular vector? so when 0D goes 1D time is created (save me mr. zero!) it "pushed" into the universe so can only be in one direction. -- . . . (cartoons - wordgirl rocks!) but why perpendicular if it "moves"? and why only one length? uhm, the time quanta isn't time - time is the field 2d to 3d the field is mass 1d to 2d the field is magnestism 0d to 1d the field is time so an area affect around the 1D object that creates the acceleration field/ time field -- a *2d* field -- along the length of the 1d quanta a 1d thing is all edge - one edge, no ends the 2d field has a direction only along the 1d length - that the only direction that exists force is on the edge - it can only "bend" one direction and that it perfectly perpendicular to its motion. the field lags the movement no time then time? time then more time. this is what makes a 1d path bend "atom smashing" says they can be spirals - but they have to be loops first. so no other "corkscrews". -- Dudes! I'm running out of math here. Someone needs to make some new stuff to describe "two dimensional time fields" so are we sub-quantum yet? guess it's still "quantum physics", just different math. sub quantum is on the other side of the 1d pushing in - string guys have a new target.
  9. the thing about the pack mind . . . You judge others you determine the status of an individual before *bothering* to look at their ideas. You accept statements from those with credentials with no question. If the higher ranked individual says that it is so then everything is right with the world. Anyone outside the pack is "evil". With that said; the pack has evolutionary advantage. The single mindeness of the mob will accomplish all goals. This is "human". Get a bunch of them thinking the same way and you can build pyramids, send a man to the moon, destroy the environment. All children are wizards. they learn at a fantastic rate. they do not judge the value of information based on the color of the source. Even without evidence it is logical that some children would stay in that mode longer. The pack controls education. the pack excludes any that do not conform with the pack. The greatest thinkers were not of the pack. How is that lazy and evil?
  10. Wizards Galileo, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Maxwell, Armstrong. These were wizards. Einstein and Newton are "fallen" wizards. They were full wizards until they became pack mind in the process of being famous and important. (lots of other types of wizards, art-music-dance-literature-etc, couldn't name them all) A wizard is simply any individual that has failed the to transition from chilhood learning mode into the "pack mind" of a normal human adult. This is a possible human configuration - though considered abnormal due to the infrequency of its occurence. All wizards have the neurochemical balance of those five years of age. They are strongly empathetic and can not stand to see or "imagine" anyone being hurt from their actions. All sensory information is being stored and the deductive reasoning of a five year old is applied. They are not swayed by suggestion and are endlessly curious. At that age humans are not self aware. They have no ego. They do not and can not 'rank" themselves. They find the pack mind endlessly confusing and terribly short sighted. There is no sexual drive to mate and create a pack. Sex is just another thing to figure out - and it gets boring once all is learned. Possibly avoided altogether because of the illogical pack rules and behaviors associated with sex. Wizards tend to be celibate by neurochemical balance (being celibate does not *make* you a wizard). Wizards do not find pack activities to be compelling once they have been experienced. Wizards *loathe* repetition of experiences. Society, seemingly, designed the educational system to eliminate wizards. Only those that "Clark Kented" or were pushed from the pack early sneak by - totally under the control of their own subconsciouses (no ego). Once that hurdle is passed then the wizard naturally continues to learn and will seek a source of knowledge but one that is accessible by those "not of the pack". If they head for a university it is a complex dance to gain the knowledge without being spotted. If spotted and successfully trapped they are "turned" to the pack of science or art, shift their neurochemical balance, and lose their abilities. In the "workforce" the wizard goes from job to job learning one after another and becoming bored as soon as the knowledge source drains. The wizard will naturally choose "useful" as their role in the pack. They don't "get" the pack but the pack has a genetic behavior written into it that "allows" wizards and celebrates their knowledge. Shamans, witch doctors, wise men, seers, oracles, pholosophers - these are different versions of wizards. Severed from a pack the wizard will withdraw. This, I believe, is necessary in order for one to become "self aware". The wizard, at some point, must turn their problem solving skills inward. If ensconced in the pack they will continue to solve the problems of others. If enough knowledge has been gained from life experiences and from active seeking, then deductive reasoning will prevail, the wizard *will* sort out the truth - they will "figure it out". And when they figure it out they want to *show* you - just like a five year old.
  11. There is no anti-matter or dark matter. Anti-matter is a mis-interpretation of the "other hand" spirals created when you smash loops and look at the results. Dark matter is a mis-interpretation of redshift do to time flow. everyone knows physics is broken. this is the correction. -- I *stiill* can't grasp why physicists think all objects in the universe are 3D.
  12. scientific facts/word salad to bad most people are strictly carnivores argue against any? -- white "dwarves" are huge massive and partially blueshifted so that we see only a small amount of their radiation. On their way to "black" No such thing as a neutron so those are out. Brown dwarves . . . any mass big enough to produce protons? wait 'til helium to call "star"? type 1a supernovae - redshifted to where we see the same "top end" of the radiation. long,long wavelengths of disparate energies can tell them apart. wavelengths in centuries.
  13. Been "looking" in the direction of the elements. Fascinating. Odd number of loops look like "protons", even make "neutrons". (yep, another myth: neutrons) Odd number determine the "element", "radioactive" is an extra loop making an extra "neutron". The rotation direction that the electron attaches is determined by the topology of the folded loop. if they can attach spinning in the same direction you get magnetic materials. Ferromagnetism - weak attachments far apart can "knock off" and then reattach in different spin orientations. . . . still going -- Superconductors happen when you "turn down" the electrons and you are left with a relatively stronger anti-magnetic field in the material. Electrons can easily "detach" from those points. So no "room temperature", sorry. -- Dang it! Just lost antimatter. The bits you were calling antimatter are just "other" hand spirals from the breaking of a loop. And I was off running with anti-copper making antimagnetic fields for fun and flying saucers - dashed, just dashed. -- the pattern for the 3D path/matter seems to be a variation of the lorenz attractor . . . this would account for *all* randomness and chaos in the universe. The 1D and 2D patterns are not chaotic. -- whoah! red giants are solar systems converted into stars. Every bit of matter collects more matter, at some point it has a large enough field to make electrons, then protons (ignition?). Earth makes electrons in the field *and* through photoelectric. high energy radiation from the sun may be converting the upper layer of electrons into protons. our core may be strong enough to create protons . . . that's why it is so hot in there. at any rate *eventually* all planets make protons - filling the solar system with hydrogen . . .
  14. thinking of the math; A base 3D orthogonal coordinate system. All the spins are polar up to and including the 3D loops. The orientations of the polar locals and their movements are dependent on the vectors of the time quanta field affecting it - that's mapped to the base orthogonal. I'm really not math oriented. I hope "someone" runs with it. I'll get there . . . but much more slowly.
  15. -- While we are making electrons out of nothing but the fabric of space . . . let's use lightning to make single fold protons (hydrogen) and spin them up to helium amd lithium. The waste electrons produced by all the power plants on the planet, combined with the photo-electric effect *creating* electrons over the surface of the sunny side of the earth - we will use to power our vehicles, cool our superconductors and build our batteries. A new age of man has arrived
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