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  1. Well i am using English, and i do intend to question all the theories put forward to explain the universe, no disrespectful intent, i tend to withdraw from discussions if they get heated, but the question stands. And by the way, the word (stupid) is inflammatory, i suggest you restrict it to the ones that have been proven so.
  2. Made my night reading this it should become a classic.
  3. velo


    Wow KLB you are a good un, i have felt guilty for using plastic shopping bags when i go to the super market, so i have switched to home shopping, everything comes in reusable boxes, and it voids the use of my car, my car is one of the most fuel efficient i could find within my price range, it is a 1400cc diesel 60+ mpg driven with care.
  4. Can any one name one thing that has increased our knowledge of how the universe began or how it came into existence? When i say (KNOWLEDGE), i mean anything that has a 99% CL. or may be we can go in decending order of CL but, nothing below 95%.
  5. Martin, Thanks for the reply, it must have took some effort Yes i am aware of the many approaches to QL, it seems there is a new one every month, it still has a lot of catching up with the string vacua's in number however. I am also aware of the difficulty of getting grant money for anything other than loop or string. And i am aware of the lack of tests for these conjectures, even if a test is put forward some one will right a paper on how to get around a null result. Martin, what will it take to kill, and put these conjectures out of their misery once and for all?
  6. It is a matter of belief in one theory or the other, maybe you think string theory is right, maybe you think quatum loop gravity is right, the test of these theories are all ways open to dispute, when will we have tests that show these conjectures are just so right or wrong? I dare say that the grant system will suppress any new thinking progress in the understanding of our universe.
  7. velo

    Lap top, Desk top

    Hey, come on now, you will soon be able to wear your puter, or not in the far future have it implanted in your brain (shudder), the only prob is where to put the scanner printer.
  8. http://jnaudin.free.fr/lifters/files/ElectrograviticsElectrokineticsValone.pdf Thought it would be interesting to make a lifter there are guided flight ones on the net. http://jnaudin.free.fr/lifters/main.htm
  9. velo

    Lap top, Desk top

    You acctually mean you dont use jell packs????????
  10. velo

    Lap top, Desk top

    I did mean for (work) I would have thought the novelty of playing games on a puter had died off by now, surly the time is better spent with a game of footie or cricket.
  11. I used to do all my work on a desk top, but now i think the DT is obsolete, why be tied to a desk?
  12. http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/node/714 And this one. Supersymmetry is a theory that predicts a 'super' partner for every known particle (and antiparticle). While supersymmetry is a well-founded theory, the exact mathematical details are disputed among the scientific community. The more popular models of supersymmetry predict a much higher transition rate than three trillion times per second. This is a serious blow to particle physicists, as these popular models will now have to be reconsidered. And it's hard to challenge these new findings: the physicists are 99.99999992 per cent sure that they're right.
  13. http://web.mit.edu/~redingtn/www/netadv/specr/6/node1.html This page will show why the chance of finding WIMPs is remote. I dare say some will keep on flogging the dead horse.
  14. I admit i have reached a dead end in my search for a Dark Matter candidate, is there some one who has a deeper understanding of the topic ,and is willing to enlighten me with his/her knowledge as to what Dark Matter is?
  15. Foodchain, this is what Wikipedia has under Dark Matter The Concordance Model requires that, to explain structure in the universe, it is necessary to invoke cold (non-relativistic) dark matter. Large masses, like galaxy-sized black holes can be ruled out on the basis of gravitational lensing data. Possibilities involving normal baryonic matter include brown dwarfs or perhaps small, dense chunks of heavy elements; such objects are known as massive compact halo objects, or "MACHOs". However, studies of big bang nucleosynthesis have convinced most scientists that baryonic matter such as MACHOs cannot be more than a small fraction of the total dark matter. ------------------------------------------------------- To date i think it is (accepted) that 95% of all matter is Dark Matter.
  16. velo


    How far do you go to limit your impact on the environment ?
  17. As i am only a watcher/reader of cosmology and something of a realist, i find it difficult to get excited about a theory, ad hoc or whatever, that has a 95% unexplained component, maybe in the years to come DE, DM will be found, but it seems to me constraints are ever tighter ,with to date no detection, by the way i would be one of first jumping with joy if there was. As for quantum gravity, i have followed string and quantum loop for some time, maybe it is time for another book to revive interest, the way string has survived 30yrs with no testable predictions has all ways struck me as unique.
  18. Bettina, i would agree if only we had a standard ruler.
  19. Martin, i do agree that cosmology is at an exiting age, with some tests narrowing the options to a (standard model) LCDM, my problem is, if the foundation for this model, if the predicted particles ,are not found, then what is the construct to this model? one could just say, this is what we see so it must be so. Maybe one can accept that our galaxies spin to fast without dark matter? Or the expansion of the universe is accelerated without dark energy? That GR works without gravitational radiation ? Martin there is more, and i am an awkward so and so who questions almost everything, and to my mind cosmology has a heck of a lot of things to answer
  20. velo

    Science City

    Who would clean the toilets, wash the dishes everything to keep the scientists clean and healthy? Machines/robots, who would keep them in good repair, maybe AIs? but maybe they would evolve and get rid of the humans
  21. Wikipedia is a good place to start. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole
  22. Hi everyone. My interest is mainly cosmology and i would love your views on its progress/lack of. From what i can discover string theory and quantum loop gravity do not as yet work. Dark matter and Dark energy are yet to be discovered, (reading between the lines) Dark energy seems to be an unwelcome addition to cosmology. The Higgs boson, the graviton ,predicted by some theories remain undiscovered, (but are ever more constrained). the same with gravitational radiation. In short it seems every way we try to explain our universe comes up against obstacles that are as yet uncrossable.
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