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  1. I am looking for an excel spread sheet calculator for biomass fuel equivalents and conversions, wherein I can plug in pounds or kilograms per hour of biomass, bone dry basis, and also plug in an assumed conversion efficiency, and have solutions in either co generated steam, in pounds per hour and / or solutions of kilowatt hours of electricity generated by either a co gen back pressure turbine generator set or a full condensing turbine generator set. I don’t need this for precise engineering calculations, so much (I am not designing boilers or power islands) I simply need to illustrate, for financial purposes, the assumed value of things like wood waste if consumed as an alternate power gen fuel. Any help would be appreciate, thanks.
  2. Thanks for your information but i need some good sites to gather some information
  3. Thanks for your reply..but i need more information
  4. Iam suffering a lot from arthritis, Its paining in my knee, Any ayurvedic medicine for arthritis?(for quick relief) . Preferably mention about what kind of natural oil can be used? suggestions needed Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for your reply as a patient only I am asking this question
  6. Hi I am Andrews, I want to know about some database relating to chemistry in Internet and where I can find polymer chemistry information? If any one knows about this database reply me Thanks in advance
  7. Hi I am Andrews; I want to know about the principles of naturopathic medicine and is their any health insurance covering this naturopathic medicine. If anyone know about this medicine reply me Thanks in advance
  8. Hi I am Andrews, I want to learn some thing about black hole and its gravity where I can collect information about black hole. If anyone knows about the site or about it reply me Thanks in advance
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