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  1. Hi! I am a student of 11th standard, in India, and am really worried about my future. You might know that in India Indian Institute of Technology(IITs) are the most sought after, but I want to pursue my undergraduate studies in US Universities. I want to study Aeronautical Engineering, during undergraduation as well as graduation(i.e. Masters). After a bit survey I found that the best institutes in US for the area above are- California Institute of Tech., Massachussetes Inst. Tech. and Stanford. Can Anyone Please Tell Me- 1. What are the SAT scores required for Getting in CalTech, MIT, and Stanford(for Aeronautical Engineering ofcourse!) 2. What are essentials in 10th, 11th and 12th Standard Transcripts? Please Help! It's urgent, and needy! Thanks!
  2. You didn't give me specific answer I expected from a RESOURCEFUL ONE!
  3. My question is the same as my topic- What are antioxidants? How it works, and what is its significance? What is the best source of antioxidants? Do their deficiency or excess cause serious troubles?
  4. Thats what i am asking! You got it right that gravitation is due to the mass, but where this mass came from, and wont this mass attract the expanding universe when it gets considerably big? with big gravitational pull??
  5. Can anyone suggest me a good book for comprehensive learning of different coordinate systems- namely-> 1. Cartesian 2. cylindrical 3. spherical 4. Radial 5. Curved Coordinate systems
  6. Okay! Everyone says, rather is convinced that Universe started with a BIG BANG Well, now the question is from where did the matter, which was dispersed by the bang, came from? If it was really a fresh start, from where the anti-particles and particles originate? Isnt it possible that there lay an old universe- which provided the matter for Big Bang? Also, as we are familiar with the origin of Black holes- which get powerful and powerful as they absorb or attract the matter around them, Can a black hole be really the starting fuel for our NEW UNIVERSE? We know that as blackholes form- they start pulling everything... So why tu put down the possibility that after billions of years there would be a black hole so powerful- that it would attract the "expanding universe" And then the process of convergence of universe will start and it will again be changed into a very-very heavy blackhole in which again due to high heat and forces there would be a Big Bang, I hope- the one Bigger than this BIG BANG! Anyone who challanges my theory?? :-)
  7. Hi. Recently heard of the rise of new theory in fundamental physics- The String Theory or M-theory. It says that the world is made up of 11 dimensions, about 6 of them are folded around one another and 3 are what we are familiar with(the age-old 3-D). first this folding up of 6 dimensions doesn't fit in mind. second- 6 and 3 make 9 dimensions-- Where are the 2 more to make a total of 11??? Can Anyone Help Please???
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