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  1. 'Rare Genetics...I like that' It did take some time for me to truly embrace even this small difference from most other people. When I was a kid I was teased because I had 'Cows eyes', or 'Dogs eyes' and it used to make me sad. But as I got older I learned to love the difference and I have to say the majority of the people I meet have nothing but compliments about it. I can always tell when a person first notices them, they just stare into my eyes with a look of 'what the heck??' I love them so much that I was hoping one of my three children would inherit them but alas it doesn't appear this is going to happen...but their eyes are beautiful to me anyways.
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    I know exactly how you feel...i'm doing okay for now but once the end of April comes i'll be miserable. Sneezing, watering/itchy eyes. At least this year I'm not expecting, last year I was pregnant so i couldn't take very much and my allergies were the worst they've ever been. People who knew what I was going through just chuckled when they looked at me with my flame-red eyes and runny nose...i looked pretty pitiful.
  3. I am also a person who was born with the same colour eyes at birth and had my one eye change colour. I have a blue eye and a half brown/half blue eye. I have normal vision (no glasses) and have not had any type of trauma to my eyes or medications to cause the color change. I never knew that it was called heterochromia until I looked it up online after someone told me they had seen a CSI episode where a corpse had it!! All I know is whether in style or not this is me and I wouldn't change them for the world.
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