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  1. Though, I like the laws in Germany, there are laws for everything, you don't have that in other countries, and the systems are quite good as well.
  2. Though, my question is, will it show enabled (after they turn it on) or will it remain disabled in the settings - and in fact it is enabled - but I just see it as disabled?
  3. The title says it all, can they turn the mic of my laptop on even if it's disabled in the windows settings?
  4. As you can see here: http://strongvpn.com/logkeeping.shtml It does not say that they log the IP, I've contacted them and they confirmed that nobody would be able to trace the IP back, and they even said they do not provide details to third parties. Though, they did not want to say for how long they keep the information they do log logged in the database. I'm wondering is this even possible legally? Wouldn't they HAVE to provided the IP or something similar in court cases? Any ideas?
  5. You guys say it has been a long time since you used the terminal, what about installing and extracting packages, don't you need a terminal for that as well? For what would you need the terminal in the first place?
  6. I find it cool that you guys are into these type of methods as well, at first I thought I'd get flamed at for being too paranoid haha - but in fact I'm also approaching it with a sense of humor.
  7. A lot of people mention Tor, but there are other services too like hidemyass.com for example, which are faster than Tor. I'd probably use that. I think I will probably not switch to Linux over I just don't like the whole Terminal procedure, I'll simply buy a book on Windows security and try to secure up Windows good enough. Since Windows is now much more secure than it used to be. Thanks for the tips.
  8. Haha, I'm very surprised you guys know about all of this. How come? Do you guys work for secret agencies lol? You explanation makes sense, thanks for the link.
  9. I simply want 1. a secure system which is hard to hack 2. and I want to surf the web anonymously I'm wondering can I achieve these goals with Windows 7, or would it be necessary to go over to Linux? I researched this and found out that there's more to it than I thought and it it's quite harder to have a tight system than I thought it would be. Are there any resources you'd recommend?
  10. I don't think it can be that easy to decode. If you have notes with a bunch of random symbols how are you going to know what the topic is? And keep in mind those are notes, the sentences do not have a real beginning or ending, phrases connected together. It may be able to sense what the notes are referring to, but I do not think people will be able to completely figure out what is going on in these notes.
  11. Is there any unknown language I could use to say when people ask me what type of language that is?
  12. SilverPhinxx, really good idea, I find the idea to use symbols for whole common words a good one, I'll take that over. And using its own symbols for double letters is a good one too. Because that is where they could start deciphering it, by the double letters and other common noticeable marks, it will also save me time writing. I also made the decision to not use any capitals, I think once I've developed my language it may be easier and faster to write than the real language.
  13. I do my notes hand written, I don't really need to type them in. I've already started gathering symbols and I'm proceeding quite good. There are many symbols which can be drawn easily and fast per hand on paper.
  14. You brought me to an idea, I could simply borrow some symbols from Asian languages and create my own language. I'd still use the same grammar and words from English I'd just swap the alphabet. I was just thinking "how am I going to come up with symbols?", but I guess I'll just borrow symbols from other languages, I can also take russian as an inspiration.
  15. No no, I was speaking about a WHOLE language which I can use to write notes. I'm not looking into writing a single letter or something similar. I want to write notes similar to DaVinci. My idea was that I swap the alphabet with my own symbols e.g. N = ^^ B = [] S = < just as examples, it would look like a mix of an asian language and western special characters. It would not be readable on the first glance, but people would also have a hard time to decipher after investing significant amount of time into it.
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