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  1. Fortran has been the bane of my life but I guess I should stick up for it a bit here...its actually commonly used in the solvers of many FEA programs including 'Abaqus' and 'Flexcom'. Its number crunching speed is yet to be surpassed...unfortunatley. Regarding languages I've dabbled in Java, C++, Visual Basic,Python and all the web-based stuff...PHP etc. I mainly work with Fortran and Perl though....why...I don't know!
  2. I've a CFX-9850GB but I think it should be fairly similar to yours, if you aren't seeing much change between your graphs the view is more than likely zoomed out too far. When the calculator plots the graph press the zoom key (F2 on my model) and this will open a zoom menu which should allow you to zoom in and out.
  3. Try using the definition sinh(z)=((e^z)-(e^-z)/2)
  4. Try searching for the 'Superposition Theorem' on wikipedia, since there is a voltage and current source it might come in handy..
  5. I don't really have much knowledge of electronics either but maybe try searching the 'Routh-Hurwitz' criterion on wikipedia. It involves finding the determinant of a matrix which is pretty simple. It determines the stability of mechanical systems but I think it works for electronic systems too.Also, nodal analysis matrices are very similar to loop matrices which you have already learned so maybe they are worth looking at.. And if all else fails try posting in the engineering forum, I'm sure some nice electronic engineer will help out...
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