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  1. I don’t have much knowledge on the subject but appears to be interesting. I have come across a site http://www.ecopsych.com “Institute of Global Education” special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. I think they are the right people to help you. Best of luck
  2. I’m interested to learn more about Evolutionary Psychology study which represents modern scientific research delivering a solid conclusion regarding human behavior, explaining how a specific behavior is genetically determined, and what that mutation was reinforced to solve. Could you please suggest me a good online course?
  3. The one discipline that, sad to say, has hitherto remained virtually untouched by any concern for the environment or the human-to-nature relationship is psychology. You will search in vain in the texts and journals of any of the major schools of psychology—clinical, behaviorist, cognitive, physiological, humanistic or transpersonal—for any theory or research concerning the most basic fact of human existence: the fact of our relationship to the natural world of which we are a part. Any thoughts on whether your relationship with nature is or should be a genuine concern?
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