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  1. possible topic: Female acceptance/rejection rates of violent males
  2. ZING! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4530930.stm i dont make adjustments, but im a huge fan of it. it's not research in a can, but its proven to be a good first stop just to overview and browse by hyperlinks for me.
  3. Oh, silly boeing....why'd they name it YAL-1 when they had a too perfect acronym in the name. Where art though Airbus-380? would a nuke make the same ultra-bright flash without the presence of atmosphere in a vacuum?
  4. not to pull it away from QM, but i thought this put an interesting fold into the original question. human free will? molecular free will? quantum free will? garden snake free will? If I'm not mistaken, QM could never explain/predict/allow consciousness (interface) only the other way around...the whole "observation creates existense" thing, right?
  5. After watching Tehran tap dance through the UN's uncommonly light-hearted sanctions, i thought they had gained enough international clout to maintain a largely unsupervised nuclear power program and/or nuclear weapons facilities ( an international list or 10 or 12 i believe). Now, Ahmadinejad is coming off far less charismatic and much more like a potential target. Regardless if their status is hostage or detainee lets all hope the heads of these sailors' remain attached and we dont get drawn into anymore major troop deployments.
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