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  1. it creates a ball of plasma. the glass cup upside-down captures the plasma. it really is amazing, along with the terrifying sound effects.
  2. nothing has had the same affect on me as the mechanics of nuclear reactions. its almost a scared but respectful state of awe. even to drive past a plant, you look and think about the kind of power that is being harnessed and controlled. its one of those things that makes you go silent and you just stare. with a million things running through your mind, and at the same time nothing running through your mind. a feeling that nothing else can produce. like seeing a vial of smallpox in containment or something. Ive also always been amzed with Ebola virus and Smallpox. its inexplicable. there are no words... nuclear fission and "dark biology"
  3. i have always been facinated by nuclear power and reactions. from civil to military uses, it is a topic that can be endlessly explored.
  4. Hello! I'm new here and I just wanted to ask one question. What do you guys think about creating plasma with a grape, a glass, and a microwave? You can find videos of this all around but I was curious regarding the safety of this experiment. You cut a grape into 4 section and place 2 sections side by side in a microwave with a glass over the top of it. After about 5 seconds the charge between the two, very water saturated, masses creates a plasma ball that is captured in the glass. Its a very neat idea but I was just mainly concerned with the overall safety. What do you all think? Could it really damage a microwave after only 10 seconds? I'd love to use this on Monday.
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