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  1. what a stu[id teacher....wasting ur time, not concentrating on the fundamentals of the principal behind the contraption...trajectory, and work. so the rules are - safety princiapals must be observed (staged mechanism), user friendly : button activation. Has to be light enough to be launched for space flight!? --So you have to be a qualified mechatronist to build the dull thing. ---I presume this is a Higher Education experiment... with time to build the darn thing... but if I had to do it Viking Style without all the silly restrictions. -Spoon on a Axle. -string on another axle, with a weight on the end... with pre-pontential height. -stage one... press button to release weight.(300grams-leaving 100 for balsa construction... I presume he wants you to calculate what 9.8h you need for trajectory of egg to hit pool at distance.) , the potential drop, winds a spring. -Stage 2... release spring... which 'flips' the spoon on the axle. Materails required... Rat Trap. Spoon. 2 Axles (1 is already in the Rat trap, just needs to be extended to 'set the trap', when the weight is droped. (consider just typing the string to the end of the trap, and making the string follow 'the right trajectory' to set it...ommiting the need for the axle (but may increase weight of overall contraption)) --then again, I highly doubt 300grams will set a rat trap, without about 10Metres of gearboxed drop height.... so change 'fly wheel weight'...ie decrease the diametre of your spring winding axle to suit... the smaller it is, the eaier to overcome impulse force. * From a mathematical standpoint, you could calculate the most efficient 'height' to throw the egg at, Vs. the amount of E you are able to set in your catapulte.(ie the higher you go, the less E you have to use to throe the egg, but the more E you are able to gather into your spring...at some piont your '300grams' achieves what's desired in least amount of t at a certain height.) as for buttons...well you could go electric, but if your any good at wood work, than you should be able to fashion some button mechanisms.
  2. could it be that E as in a spring = E = d(change from relaxed origin)c^2 ? or = m(v1-v2)^2
  3. ErlyRisa


    Thanks mate -- guts -ie of you to state the obvious! you should plot it....it's an interesting equation. finding the correlative function has been a bit difficult.... as it always is without any data. I am getting close though.
  4. you are very close to understanding... and the primordial algorithm is speaking through you... learn to teach others. your goal is to not only reach to the top... but to bring all ur friends with you. example. Why did the Chicken Cross the road? --To get to the otherside... while oing the cha-cha --Just as biblical... but understandable by more of the masses. Sadly the bible and other scripture are too long for us to process easily. --You need to help others by... showing them another use for the spoon eg. as a Mirror.
  5. yes but current concesus is no.... too many scientists pedal Darwin Dogma. actualy the unverse somewhat requires it. (my beleif anyway)
  6. no I say you are right!! --but E= m c^2 ! -- E = material pattern X velocity^2... where space => by light. light is the ether.... the most rudimentary entanglement of information. therfore E=information = 0011
  7. thats good.... can we draw distancee ? what defines that
  8. your descirptio is almost poetic in nature.... beautifull....if scientists could explain reality a succintly... more of us higher order beings would understand. you what state is most certainly accurate (with exception of stating that light is made up of electron(but to the avid observer, they would understand what u mean)) just something to add... Can you explain what makes the rock in pond affect carry a transverse wave... that could explain even more about light.
  9. Do you 'READ' people around you like an open book? -When you do 'read' peoples feelings/thoughts... how do you use this information? --Do you use it to ur advantage? ---Do you use it to 'become at one' with the person... thinking on thier wavelength? ----If everybody cared - no-one would die (NickelBack)
  10. Time .... Well thier is an Hour Hand, a 2nd and a minute hand. In the computer... it's a 'Frequncy' of switching eg. 4MHz machine. What's it look like in the universe?
  11. It's called the elevator experiment.... Einstein was a lazy bugger. he explained everything colloquially... mainly because he knew that is the only way we would have any hope of believing him. --when Einstein refers to an observer... he is reffering to matter. The elevator experiment for example, arises confusion in a Rotating reference. For example, centripital motion can be considered Anti G ? for the satellite body. If this pattern (centripital motion) = -G, then what is the pattern that defines G. --When you understand the G pattern... you may besome at one! with the universe... just make sure you teach others. as Colloquially and abstractly as I have once you understand... we are not ready yet (I still can't move a CUP)
  12. Visit Austalia... they're called mining towns. Thankfully enough a Pharmaceatica compnay doesn't need to segregate itself. (but then again it may... fo profit!) Ghandi knew better... work is not the salt of the earth.
  13. How about if I put the spark plug in a magnetron of sorts?
  14. so the spark plugs in my car aren't LED's?
  15. What is it..? an LED ... is it a mini Cathode Ray TV ? construction of an LED... Two peices of metal... one that has a little more 'chunk' ... the E flows to ..well actually I'm not sure? - the chunk or to the Tip (confusion arises, with actual potentila flow and circuit flow) This 'spark' produces light!!! What G pattern of the material is producing light?
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