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  1. I spent quite a bit of time looking around. I found that microscope.com is an extremely reputable company. Very knowledgeable about everything, extremely helpful. I would say that it isn't just procuring the microscope, it is also the company that backs it. Some companies are difficult to reach secondarily. While this isn't a problem when they're taking your order, it becomes a major issue if you have a problem or need to get replacement parts... or heaven forbid warranty work! In addition, you might consider a binocular microscope -- Easier on the eyes. My suggestion? Since you're already looking at an Omano, house brand of microscope.com, write down a list of questions and call them. They will easily answer all of your questions and steer you in the right direction.
  2. Did you know that AK & HI are longitudinally aligned? Check it out on a globe!
  3. I didn't know dogs had opposable thumbs strong enough to hold the neck of a beer bottle... ) Let's not get too technical... "And" is a conjunction, not a #! I remind people daily: There is no bug mightier than a shoe!
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