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  1. what i meant was, as we cant see either uv or ir cant a material be made that are somewhat out of our range of vision, so at a quick glance ya cant see it without special equiptment
  2. basically colours that are out of our visual range, like uv or infrared, or something to that effect
  3. is there a way of making an entire material out of some form of non-visual spectrum ink or dye? i found this, "To provide camouflage in non-visual range of spectrum, i.e., against NIR detection devices working in the range of 700–1500 nm, it becomes essential that camouflaging equipment should be painted/dyed with the pigments/dyes having NIR reflectance values similar to that of backgrounds in respective shades. Generally, the shades of vegetation and desert regions are confined to olive green, brown, deep brunswick green, light stone and dark stone colour, so it is required that IR reflectance values of pigment formulation must match with the IR reflectance values of these shades of the background vegetation or desert terrains. An elaborate study has been carried out on these pigment formulations coated on cotton and nylon substrate materials. The study has brought out the reflectance trend of the formulations, role of each constituent pigment on the reflectance values and effect of dilution or concentration of pigment formulation on the reflectance properties. These studies would pave the way for preparation and optimization of various formulations with respect to IR reflectance values and their use for camouflage purpose in non-visual range of electromagnetic wave length." but unfortunately thats where i couldnt go no further i couldnt find anything else on the matter, does anyone else know anything on the matter or know any more links on the matter?
  4. thats actual text from a site i googled http://rantburg.com/poparticle.php?ID=11167&D=2003-03-11 but the theory is the same, its all to do with differentials in pressure
  5. does anyone out there heard af any processes that create uncontained vacuums? i tried searchin all over and all i found was a form of weapon what creates this, "BIG BLU" weapons which include the "moab" heres whats said about it "Basically explosion eats up all Oxygen in the blast area as it explodes outward in a fireball, creating a large uncontained vacuum. If you survive that, the zero pressure area sucks air back in at 2000 MPH" so it is possible to create an uncontained vaccum, its just maintaining it, any ideas at all?
  6. would it be at all possible if there is an universe and an antiuniverse connected through black holes, would they stop any differences under control stopping both the universe and an antiuniverse destroying one another? nothing much escapes a black hole am i right in thinkin?
  7. an extreme paranoia of the media version yes, but i want to know about the clouds themselves not the media's paranoia that one will wipe us out in 2014, from what i understand these clouds can somewhat follow black holes,
  8. Experts believe the chaos cloud is composed of particles spawned near the event horizon of a black hole (a form of what's called Hawking Radiation) that have been distorted by mangled information spewed from the hole. does anybody else know anything about these chaos clouds? facinating concept but yet again is it proven?
  9. the main problem is creating and maintaining such power too, they can do transportation but jus sending a laser 600 meters across a river but that was in a lab environment i beleive, link look towards the bottom of this link it should say 'teleportation goes long distance'
  10. the technology to utilise 10 trillion bits per second is out there thats enough to download the congress library in 48 seconds
  11. well the theory is in a vacuum you have a somewhat relaxed environment with no or little friction so speeds that are so much more faster than what we have today but we also need that extra power to do so which is hard to find and harder yet to control and keep constant, but if you read the link it does acually say it creates a vacuum and the magnetics acually push the craft into this vacuum, fascinating concept but that is what im tryin to find out, if it is just concept, unfortunately i dont have any more links and i am finding it harder to find info on this area, http://www.gravitywarpdrive.com/Element_115.htm this is what i have found so far maybe someone else can help out with something else they have found n put a few of the pieces together
  12. http://www.wonderquest.com/fiber-optics-internet.htm
  13. i just used the fibre optics as an example of the prisms we use, the main point i was getting at was the fact of if you use a prism you are sending the same amount of data down more than one wavelength, technically it should be somewhat faster, but it needs to be studied further n unfortunately i do not have the apperatus required for such a test neither do i have the financial backing
  14. im a network engineer and we use fibre optic cables very often, because of its speed and reliability, the reason for this is because it uses light, its getting more and more reliable as time goes by, now they have a way to send multiple signals down one strand of fibre optic cable by adding a prism at the end of each sides of the cable, since the spectrum is always the same at both ends the signal can run for 2 km and not lose signal strength, yet i beleive there is a fibre optic laid across the atlantic that runs just fine and that is well over 2 km, if a prism can split a signal and data and run down the spectrum with no loss of signal, then whats to say if we do work out some form of teleportation and the particals do run as light, then why can't we split these particals down the spectrum and still keep some form of original order as these particals are both traveling and rearranged on the other side, the main problem we have is that a power source to do this is still beyond our technology,
  15. In these systems the field effect can be manipulated by the craft so as to effect electrical system not directly connected to the vehicle, causing these systems to fail. The effect is described by the dictionary description of electromotive force as " A field which can energize external circuits." Much like the way Active Radar defeating systems operate, by matching the radar energy and cancelling it out, an electromotive system can match the frequency of external circuits and cancel out there operation or energize them to a blow out level. UFO's have long established this ability and demonstrated this effect. So it serves that they operate on an electromotive force, at least in part. In this area of effect I am reminded of the Colorado Springs project done by Tesla. In this experiment Tesla pumped power into the Earth at the Earth's resonance frequency,then he received a return stroke. He then amplified the return stroke and returned in to the Earth, he then received another more exponentially powerful return stroke. This operation kept going until he had such electrical pressure built up that he could not contain the energy. He then released the energy blowing out conventional power systems for a 100 mile radius. This left the whole area without power for some time, demonstrating clearly that the two systems could not be operated at the same time. 'full link' http://www.angelfire.com/biz/ufotechnology/drive.html is the bit about the magnetics from the earth and getting some form of return accually possible or is this somewhat impossible?
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