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  1. When two bodies move apart the space between is expanded. How do we detect or measure any diffrence between moving though space and moving with its expansion.
  2. It is said that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate and that galaxies will reach and exceed the speed of light. At such speed relative time should slowdown to zero and thus motion should cease. To avoid this paradox I would suggest that the expansion proceeds at a universal time.
  3. If the universe (not space) started as a singlularty and expands uniformly it must have a center or central point.
  4. Is tme dilation viewed by the space twin as occuring in his own time frame? I see everything ageing by a universal time at which the universe ages. It is the rate at which the present becomes the past. A change in clock speed will not change this rate. An event is viewed as it occurs from all time frames though their clocks may not read the same. Events are spaced by universal time. I know that you do not think that I am correct.
  5. I had questioned in another post why length contraction would not distort the space twin.I was told that he did not experence it his own time frame only when viewed from another time frame.I had understood that time dilution and length contraction went hand in hand. My question is meaningless if the space twin does experince time dilution in his own time frame. I have the unaccepted view that time dilution only slows the clock but not what is being measured by it. This would put the situation in a different light.
  6. I was led to understand that the space twin would age at the rate that he started the trip with in his own time frame, and that time dilution would only occur when viewed from a diffrent time frame.
  7. I am trying to say that at some point the space twin must be older when viewed in his time frame than he would be when viewed from earths time frame. He loses his hand in his time frame but is the age he is viewed as being from earths time frame ,when he returns to earth. It would thus seem he is younger when he returns to earth then when he lost his hand - is it still gone. I am sorry I dont make sense.
  8. I understand that the accepted view is that the space twin is younger than his earth twin when he returns to earth. That means he must have aged slower viewed from earths time frame than in his own time frame. Accordingly he must at some point be older in his time than viewed from earths. My question was - if he lost his hand at this point what would happen to it when he returns to earth and enters earths time frame .
  9. Im assuming he is 50 in his own time frame. That would make him younger when viewed from earths time frame. I thought that when he entered earths time frame he would be the age he was viewed as being from that time frame.
  10. It is said that a spaceman traveling at high velocity, when viewed from earth’s time frame, will age slower then his twin on earth. (The earth twin when viewed from the space twin’s time frame should age slower than the space twin). Assuming that when he ages to 50 in his time frame a blast takes the space twins hand off. Assuming again that when he returns to earth the space twin has only aged to 25. What has happened to his lost hand?
  11. If time is not the flow of "nows" what is it? Why is an event viewed from diffrent time frames as it occurs though the clocks in the frames may read diffrently?
  12. While we only exsit "now" we have experenced past "nows",and it is my view that time is this flow of "nows".
  13. Time is a spaceing beween diffrent "nows". I think we will have a better understaning of the universe if we learn what it really is as opposed to making measurments.
  14. It seems that I am being told that the space twin may have multi forms with a single one being chosen by each time frame from which he is viewed. No form being more correct tthan another.
  15. A change in pitch is a physical change.
  16. I dont understand. If the length contraction is real and physical some expansion must occur for there to be "no longer any length contraction".
  17. Viewed from earth, length contraction occurs in the space twins time frame. What happens to it on the space twins return to earth.
  18. I have been told that length contraction is real and involves an actual physical change. Does the space twin shoot up to his former earth size when he enters earth’s time frame? When viewed from the space twin’s time frame time dilution and length contraction should occur in earth’s time frame. What happens to them when the space twin returns to earth?
  19. The space twin would appear to carry an effect of time dilution when he returns to earth as it is said he would return younger than his earth twin. What happens to length contraction? I have not heard that he would return smaller.
  20. The space twin carries some time dilation back to earth as he is said to return younger than his brother. What becomes of his length contraction?
  21. If we look at it from the standpoint of events,all observers should view an event as it occurs,the events "now", though the observers clocks may differ.
  22. I believe there is a universal time at which the universe ages. Clocks may run at different rates in different time frames but this would not put a single event in the future in one frame and the past in another.
  23. Could different universes exsist in different "nows"
  24. Thank you iNow. That was my understanding from former threads. I think that the explosion must occur while the universe is in exsistance which is my "now".
  25. Take a single explosion in space as an event. Can it occur twice,once in each of a separate time frame? I didnt understand you as directly answsesring this. If the answer is no then I would understand it as occuring at a universal "now" for the event. I know that I may be out in left field but my mind is satisfied with this concept.
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