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    ahh!! im planning to take my mcats in august, when d u suppose i better start with it?? i think the exam is computer based now and only for 3 hours
  2. i have no idea of how to solve this problem i have got a 0.082M HCL and i titrated with it 25ml of coca cola in 6ml of 0.980945M NaOH. its a back titration procedure, and i got the following titration curve. the question is that i have to find the concentration of CO2 in the coca cola can. anyone plz help! and one more thing, in the same experiment, we did another titration for an unknown carbonate solution (possibly Na2CO3). we used the same HCL solution to titrate 25ml of the cabonate solution, and the titration curve is attached. we have to determine the concentration of carbonate in the solution, and i again have no idea. please help i have to submit the paper on tuesday thx exp 3.pdf
  3. hello, ive got an analytical chemistry project to do. i have to choose a topic about bioprospecting in the middle east and effectively carry out the experiment and it has to be of valuable use. i have no idea plz send me ur suggestions thx
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