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  1. Like I said, it is only single electrons that establish a cooperation between themselves, on one to one bases, and at 90 degrees. All of which is in agreement with currently accepted rules. However, I do not have any evidence for it. But if you look at electron configuration in atom's shells, you should easily deduce how many single electrons each atom has, and thus how many bonds it can have. Although the present electron configuration does not specify single electrons anywhere, which a great disservice to chemistry, and science as a whole.
  2. But they all form molecules, with the exception of noble gases, who do not have any single electrons at all.
  3. Same rotation acts repulsive, because whenever they approach one another, their actions are opposite in direction, and as a result, they repel. On the other hand if two such electrons are forced together, as they may be in some experiments, then they annihilate themselves. And in this case they are perceived as electron and anti-electron. What this clearly means is that there is no such a thing as anti matter. But due to their own distraction they are perceived as such. Although naturally electrons do not act as such. The opposite direction of rotation acts attractive, and when two such electrons approach one another, they align themselves at 90 degrees, and their charges cancel out, and this is how they establish a full cooperation with one another. And this how molecules are formed when two or more atoms are brought together. And only single electrons comply to these conditions, because a single electron has only one direction of motion (rotational motion that is), and as such, it only represents one half of a complete reality. And for this reason, only atoms with single electrons, or being deficient in them, are mostly in their outermost shell, are the ones that combine in formation of molecules.
  4. An electron is an integral unit of gravitons, and any such unit by itself acts as 1/2 of a complete reality, because due to its rotation it creates an in-equilibrium in space, which expresses itself as a charge. For this reason, only single electrons exhibit such charge, which in essence is electron's desire to establish a cooperation with another electron. Oxygen atom for example, has 3 paired electrons, and 2 single one, and only these 2 single electrons are seeking to establish a complete equilibrium. And they do so for example when 2 Hydrogen atoms come in contact with it, since Hydrogen atoms also have a single electron, which also seeks to become complete. And so in the process they form H2O molecule. What this clearly means, is that electrons do not repel when their equilibrium is established. But they do repel if and whenever they are approached from a wrong direction, which does not allow them to establish a cooperation. For two electrons to establish a full equilibrium between themselves, they have to be at 90 degrees, and they thus cancel their charges out, and as such, are neutral. The repulsive force between electrons is a natural state because all electrons are naturally bound to one direction of motion (rotational motion that is). Therefore, same direction of rotational motion acts repulsive. So why do they not simply switch over an establish a full cooperation between themselves? the reason is, because their own rotation is not oriented on their own will, but rather on the force that exist on the outside of electrons. And it is this outside force that causes all free electrons to act as repulsive.
  5. A photon if is a single one, it is the smallest amount of energy that can individually exist (a quantum). A graviton is composed of two such photons or quanta. An electron is composed of a multitude of gravitons. A dielectron is composed of two electrons, and whenever they are confined to the second level, they are known as paired electrons. But when they are bound to the third level (nuclear level that is) the same dielectrons exist in a contracted Space (in radius that is), and are therefore much smaller in volume, and as such are known as "gamma particles". These gamma particles are the main constituents of protons and neutrons. However, these gamma particles also exist in cooperation with one another, hence they exist in pairs, just as all other particles and sub-particles do. Thus, a pair of two gamma particles constitutes one Up quark, and two Up quarks bound together represent one Down quark. And these quarks-Up quarks that is are bound into groups of sixteen. And there are seven nuclear levels that these quarks fulfill, and each level is subdivided into a specific number of regions; the total number of these regions equals 59. And only the last level (the seventh that is) is incomplete in Numbers, but complete in Space (in volume), and in Light (in motion). In fact, this is the point in time when and where the motion of all sub-particles comes to a stop-motionless. And for this reason, a neutron exhibits no charge, which clearly means that the internal motion of a particle exhibits the charge. For this reason, when two electrons establish a full cooperation with one another, their charges cancel out, and as a result, a paired unit of two electrons becomes neutral. And this apply to gamma particles, since they are composed of two electron which are in a contracted form. And when such a gamma particle comes out of a nucleus, either from a proton or neutron, they expand to their proper level which is the second level. And in the process of their expansion, they separate into two individual particles, where one becomes negative in form, while the other becomes positive in form, hence one is viewed as electron, and the other as positron. Therefore, they were not created in the process, they existed as such, but in cooperation with one another they do not exhibit their charge-like characteristics, only after their separation they do so. Thus, a neutron or a proton is assembled by 920-924 dielectrons or gamma particles, all of which exist in groups of 16, with the exception of the last level-the seventh, which is composed of four groups of 5 gamma particles each. Therefore, by smashing a proton or a neutron, they may brake into any number of these constituents, either in groups or individuals, and by observing these sub-particles in experiments, like the one conducted in CERN, it only leads into bigger and bigger confusion. And not only that, but the same comply to electrons as well, neither are they made of a single constituent.
  6. Hi Dovada! May I give you just a good hint as where the center of the universe is; Since every system has its central point, so does the universe. To determine where that center is, (me and you can not) but the scientists who are using Hubble telescope should have no problem, simply by taking the measurement from our point of reference, in all three dimensions, adding up all six coordinates, and then dividing them by six, that would give an approximate center of the universe. Whether that center is one single star or galaxy, or a group of galaxies has yet to be determined. But the universe as a system in itself must have a central point, just like a galaxy has, or even a smaller system like our own Solar system. According to my calculation the universe has a radius from; 6.75x1026 m, to 1.35x1027 m. The reason I put two radii is because the universe is expanding and contracting between these two radii. However, the center of the universe is least important in finding the reason as why our own solar system is bound to a constant motion, which is circular in form, with some minor exceptions. Therefore, to determine any of these facts, one does not have to concentrate to the center of the universe, but rather to the system in question. And if such fact can be determined mathematically, this means that the solution to all motions has been discovered. And I firmly believe that I have done that, but nobody seems to pay any attention. They simply see all things the old fashion way, and always asking prove this prove that. Now if mathematics does not prove anything, then science shouldn't be called science, as far as I am concerned. Nevertheless, when you look at the orbital motions of the planets in our solar system, you can clearly predetermine that the force of these motions is dictated by the Sun. And nothing can be in constant motion unless a constant force is acting upon them. Similarly, nothing would be standing still-being motionless unless a constant force is acting upon it as well. It is so obvious, why then thinking and believing that a body in a constant state of motion, will continue to do so for ever without any force acting upon it. For this reason, I firmly believe that there are two forces of gravity, and each one acts independent of the other, and they are directly proportional to one another, and the radius or the mass from which they derive. And since the speed of light (c/s), and G (u-g-constant) are limited factors, hence all things in the universe and within it are limited in accordance of such. Therefore, masses, their radii, and their forces (Fo&Fc), are also limited in accordance of such. None of them can extend beyond these limitations. All of which can be mathematically verified. And because of these limitations the universe became divided into 3.67x1013 individual systems, so called galaxies, many of which broke into smaller groups. Hence each galaxy was established by the same amount of mass; 4.955x1040 kg. approx. Where in the beginning all that mass existed as one single star, whose radius was; 3.67x1013 m. At that point the Fo (orbital force) was equal to; c/s, while its Fc (centripetal force) was only 2,449 m/s/s. And as the Fo imposed its action upon that mass from the very beginning of its formation, the mass became bound to a rotation, whose rotational velocity produced higher kinetic energy than the Fc did holding the mass together. And as a result, the mass broke apart into billions of smaller pieces. And this is how all galaxies came into being. Now if anyone wants me to prove this, then they should examine their own intelligence first. The universe is limited both inward, and outward, what this means is that whatever apply to the outer dimensions, the exact opposite apply to the inner dimensions. Therefore the universe is limited in the smallest, as well as in the biggest, therefore the universe does not expand to infinity, nor does it contract to infinity. The limitations of the universe were predetermined as the light speed was determined, and the light speed was predetermined as the space was determined. And now these three quantities are directly proportional to one another at all the times. Is there anyone that can prove that this is not so?
  7. Hi Dovada I notice that you are interested in cosmic motions, which are not adequately explained thus far. For it is obvious that for anything to be bound to a motion that there must be a force that causes that motion. You already know that I introduced gravitation as two force system, all of which is mathematically proven that there are two forces of gravity, but all that is useless. Hence, how can you prove anything? even if you do come up with an equation, it will be discarded. For the truth is the hardest thing to swallow, because it destroys the lie, and you know where that leads. I do not know who is behind all this, but all these topics are just trowing the ball back and forth without any aim. So do you think that we should continue to be ridiculed.
  8. Hi Anilkumar: Let me try to explain in layman terms as why space around a mass is curved. It is gravitational field that establishes this so called curvature around a mass. And the reason is because gravitational field is composed of two forces. Which coexist and cooperate at 180 degrees relative to one another. And these two forces divided the space equally between themselves, while at the same time they have to remain perpendicular to one another at all the times. And as a result, at both polar ends they become subtracted, and this subtraction results in the curvature of space at both poles. Which makes the curvature of the field something similar to magnetic field lines.
  9. Any orbiting body is subject to the orbital force of the body around which it orbits. Orbit of the Moon for example is bound to Earth orbital force whose magnitude is directly proportional to the mass of the earth, G, and the distance between the two bodies, as follow; v = (mG)/d (square rooted) , Where v matches the velocity of the orbital force at that particular distance. And the velocity of the force is = m/s. (not meters/second/second, as centripetal force is) Furthermore orbital force is circular in form due to the division of space between the two forces. And for this reason, all orbital motions are circular. Hence orbital force, centripetal force, and the distance between them are always proportional to one another. Fo= Fcxd (square rooted), Fc= Fo2/d, and d=Fo2/Fc ,
  10. No, gravity as a whole is composed of two forces, each of which acts independent of the other. Centripetal force is only one half of gravity, and this force acts centripetal-directly toward the center of the mass. And it has nothing to do with orbiting bodies for as long as an orbiting body is bound to the orbital force, which acts circular due to the division of space between the two forces. The notion that gravity is just one force, is misleading everyone and everything from any further progress in astronomy and physics. Centripetal force is the one that hold the mass together, and any object that does not comply to orbital force is then overtaken by centripetal force, and it thus comes falling down to earth. While orbital force is forcing the mass/object to stay synchronized with it. Hence Newton's law of universal gravitation does not apply as stated. Even the very first Newton's law; An object continues in a state of rest or in a state of motion at a constant speed along a straight line, is incorrect. Because an object that is at rest, is already subject to a force, and that is the reason for being at rest. And the same apply to an object that is in motion, for it is in motion because a force is already acting upon it. I hope you can understand what I am trying to prove.
  11. !. Gravitation is a natural two force system; one is orbital force, and the other is centripetal force. 2. Each force has its own action and direction in space: Centripetal force, or the g force is the one whose all actions are directed toward the center of the mass. Whereas orbital force is the one whose all actions and directions are circular in form and parallel to the equator of the mass, (earth orbital force for example acts from west to east). 3. Orbital force is not centrifugal in nature, its action however does display some centrifugal effects, but the force itself acts circular. 4. Actually gravity is part of orbital force, which represents one half of gravity, while the other half belongs to the centripetal force. Since orbital force is all unified in its direction and action, it is therefore hundreds and even thousands of times more powerful than centripetal force which is divisional in character. Hence the orbital force is the prime mover of the universe, and for this reason, all heavenly bodies are moving-orbiting in accordance of the force being imposed upon them. And it is always that one primary body (like Sun) that imposes its force on all bodies within its system, and they all obey to it: which is; Fo=Gm/d (square rooted), Fo=orbital velocity:
  12. First there was God, who is the originator, the "Father" of "All". And the first thing he did, he divided his own Godhead into a multitude of smaller divinities which are now known as the Sons (pl), since they are descendant of God the father. And the sons were preordained to (light) cooperate with one another, on one to one bases. And this is how they transformed into a holiness, and are thus called the Holy Spirits. And this is how the Holy Spirits became divided into two equal halves. And through their act of cooperation (light), they established an order in space, which became divided into two equal halves as well, and as such was called the firmament of heaven. And that was just the beginning of the metaphysical reality, which many billions of years thereafter transformed into the physical world of matter that we now live in.
  13. Yes; The Trinity itself was actually the first that became divided into two equal halves. Hence it is the Trinity who is the main part of everything there is. Because first it was the Father who became divided into the Sons (pl), who themselves established a cooperation with one another, and they thus trams-formed into a holiness, which as such it became the first reality coexistent of two equal halves. And from then on, the entire world is divided into two equal halves.
  14. It seems that science is being divided against itself, with too many theories and hypotheses, none of which agree with one another. After all most of them are just speculation, but scientists think that they are right. Consequently they do not see the truth even when it is represented to them. They simply ignor it, because it is contradictory to their way of thinking. But someone somewhere will perceive the truth, and the truth will make the world free from the dark teachings that we are forced to accept as such.
  15. I believe that science and every scientist for that matter, with every new discovery they are one step closer to God, even though they do not realize that. I was the same way for over 35 years while studying physics. And then one day in 1985 I wrote something relating to atoms and particles of matter. When I finished my writing, I didn't pay much attention what I wrote until a few day later, when I red my own writing. I became fully aware that my writing was pertained an explanation of how everything in the universe works. And I called them the "True principles of Nature", which I am using ever since. And therewith I discover virtually everything about the universe. All of which leads directly to God.
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