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  1. If intelligence is our basis or tool, which gives us a insight into our free will. ie.. ~~Be careful. The stove is hot, you might burn yourself. ~~ Could it be possible that we could take this learning further? Truly find out if there is a "spiritual side" for our intelligence, at every turn? Just a Thought _____________ Everlasting,
  2. I would have to agree. Free will, will always be restricted by uncertain free will. Christianity takes a prophetic view of the world. A world that operates under the premise of free will. But uncertainty can usually astound us when the current changes. Everyone's free will is embedded within the context of uncertain free will. The Christian free will comes from the source who provides the liberation. The acceptance there in only one free will, and that is the will of God. Just a Thought _____________ Everlasting, Moon over Key Biscayne
  3. Yes. Say, Mars for instance? Everlasting Futuristic Science Fiction Novel Moon Over Key Biscayne
  4. The book is a What If !!! I don't think that we have taken a close look at life on Earth, and forseen all of the necessary precautions. There aren't many futuristic books of our time, and they are becoming harder to find. The novel takes a turn down unexplored avenues, and attempts to expand current ideaology, or lack thereof, as it relates to problems from outer space; and how to handle them. Everlasting Moon Over Key Biscayne Futuristic Science Fiction Novel http://www.publishamerica.com/greeti...stCardID=19261
  5. Have other magnetic fields collapsed, and do you know what the causes were? Everlasting Moon Over Key Biscayne Futuristic Science Fiction Novel
  6. Being a fiction novel, the book elaborates on the dangers that can occur if global warming intensifies. As we look at Astronomy, and find the global warming is affecting the temperature of the Sun, the atmospheric pressure around planets like Pluto, and melting Mars, we know that this is affecting outerspace. The Moon passes through the Earth's magnetic field during it's lunar phase. The static electricty is beginning to intensify. How might this affect Earth? With the other anomalies occuring in outerspace, our planet has to prepare for any eventuality. In my novel A technology based solution, is the basis for averting an apocalyptic disaster with another planet. Everlasting Futuristic Science Fiction Novel Moon Over Key Biscayne http://www.publishamerica.com/greetingcardpro/createcard1.asp?PostCardID=19261
  7. I just received my book cover proof. It looks great. I have a tentative release date of 7/2/07. Everlasting Futuristic Science Fiction Novel Moon Over Key Biscayne
  8. According to Astrobio.net as the Moon passes through the Earth's magnetic field, it receives static electricity. These electrical charges are projected to start increasing in intensity by the year 2012. Since NASA has decided to attempt to make a long standing presence on the Moon by the year 2020; this may affect Moon Missions. http://www.astrobio.net/news/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=2303&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0 How is the Earth's magnetic field different from other planets? And how might this event effect us? Everlasting Futuristic Science Fiction Novel Moon Over Key Biscayne
  9. A new theory of how planets form finds havens of stability amid violent turbulence in the swirling gas that surrounds a young star. With the news of this new planet, and the controversy surrounding the Big Bang Theory. I am curious what the general concensus is? New planets are forming and evolving outside of the general theory. And if this is the case, do we have to start the whole theory over, by defining what a star is, and how they came to be? Everlasting Futuristic Science Fiction Novel Moon Over Key Biscayne
  10. Astrobio.net is reporting that NASA is planning to make a long standing presence on the moon in 2020. http://www.astrobio.net/news/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=2282&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0 Any take on the results? Everlasting Futuristic Science Fiction Novel Moon Over Key Biscayne booksandmore.4t.com
  11. Everlasting


    I was in another Sciene forum and I am across the following: recently i have read that a massive asteriod coming towards our earth and it will hit nearly around April13th 2036. US scientist are working, but they are also just spotting which one closer and Europena space agency is doing the same Has anyone heard about it? I have a thread posted under the science fiction forum. I see my view as an un-explored avenue in the reaches of outer space. While pondering the question of the universe, man's existence, technology, global warming, and development I took the Faith vs. Science road. Along my journey I understood that: They are one in the same. As we try and fail to keep up with the universe, we are reminded that the creator is infinate.How do we try to keep up with the creator? : Science. Man has made great strides in attempting to match God's will, and keep up with the universe. Then what is taking the next step? Utilizing existing technology and expanding infrastructure. My book takes a look at all of that. What do you do if you have five months of existence left on earth? Will you be ready to defend your planet from an apocalyptic disaster? Those are the questions of the future. Which deem the final question: Who will have the last word Man or the Universe? Everlasting New Futuristic Science Fiction Novel Moon Over Key Biscayne
  12. I am in the process of publishing my first Science Fiction novel called: Moon Over Key Biscayne I have attempted to incorporate a scenerio, like the world has never seen. Most science fiction books/films focus on aliens or creatures from other planets. What if the force, we were compelled to fight; was a force of nature needed to survive on earth? I was compelled to rely on technology, as are most people in the world. But can this problem really happen? Just looking at the most recent plantery/climate warming news, who knows. I guess that is why I was compelled to write the book. The novel should be available within the next few months. My website address is: http://www.booksandmore.4t.com There is a brief excerpt, but I would hate to give the storyline away. I welcome any comments or questions.
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