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  1. gross growth would be the efficiency at which a population gains members, though net growth would take into account losses. assimilation efficiency would be the efficiency at which different individuals or smaller populations are merged with the host population. At least this is what i can infer from my knowledge of biomechanicaldiversitydynamic crap.
  2. yeah. it releases three types of stuff that sucks if you get hit. Alpha particles, which are just fast moving heliums, beta particles are fast moving electrons, and gamma rays...im not sure. But notice that speed is a key element here. and did i say that it sucks to get hit?
  3. or, some people believe that a circle is simply a polygon of infinite sides, so a sphere being the three dimensional representation of a circle could be a polygon of infinite sides and vertices. but i dont really care, so long as it still works the same.
  4. buckminsterfullerenes are also known as "bucky balls"
  5. juan

    Cell wall

    spindle fibers help (they are part of the cytoskeleton) and the lipid bilayer, just to let you know, is bipolar, which means that one end is hydrophilic, and theother is hydrophobic, keeping the cell wall from falling apart. just in case you wanted to know.
  6. but suppose you did the lemon juice one. your independent variable would be the amount of lemon juice(coz you can control that), though your dependent is the amount of browning, b/c it relies on the amou8nt of lemon juice. I think
  7. i think it should not be bounded, though doctors should know what things and actiopns are acceptable, and what are not. Many good discoveries have come out of something bad or unethical.
  8. for the food poisoning it could be mercury (Hg) found in fish, and you could run it through a chromatograph or spectrometer.
  9. the basic driving force behind nature and its things is to reproduce, and thus insure the survival of your species.
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