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  1. OK so i switched tracks and have decided to use the coil gun design. i made a small coil but it has too much Resistance and the magnetic Field lasts too long so it sucks the magnet in but doesn't let it keep traveling it just stops right in the center of the solenoid. so my question is this is there anyone who knows how to design a coil that uses 22 Gage magnet wire that will be powered by a 1 farad capacitor to launch a .188 by .511 in iron cylinder. i can't find anything on-line about coil geometry other than trial and error and think that there has to be a better way to accomplish this. i know that the coil would have to be the same length as the projectile but i don't know how many layers i need of how many turns that would be. thank you for your time and your previous help.
  2. Hello, ok for a physics project i have to design a launcher that gets all power from a 1 farad capictator at 13.8 volts. i want to know if the capictatior can split a ml of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas and the ignite the whole messs again? any help would be much appreciated. ok i did the energy conversion for the capictator and i get 95.22 joules and if the system was 100% efficent then it would take 121 joules to split a ml so atr most i could split .5 ml of water but would the explosion be enough to propell a .25 inch by .5 inch rod?
  3. OK i have been given the task of building a launcher with a 1 farad capacitor the launcher will launch a .25 inch by .5 inch steel rod. now i wonder if i made a barrel and in the ignition chamber of the launcher i filled it with a couple of ml of pure H and ran the electrodes into the water all in this sealed chamber. would the capacitor have enough power to split the water and then ignite it to launch the rod? or would i be better off with using the electrodes connected to just make heat to boil the water and launch the rod any input would be much appreciated thank you in advance for your help.
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