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  1. LINKS TO PICS PLEASE LOL Actually i just google it
  2. I say neither if the thing about space going on forever is true because if space is infinent then it is neither round or straight, it has no shape i guess
  3. Now what would be weird if there world was exactly like our, just different land shapes and names. Lol and the life forms there looked the same... Jeeze your topic really makes me wonder its really fascinating
  4. When did this eclipse occur?!?! awh i didnt know there was one recently
  5. my dad has this thick metallicy stuff i, you can bend it east and he said it would protect radiant heat easily, it starts with a M. My dads a senior captain firefighter so he knows a lot about hazmat and science things.
  6. Sweet thanks. And yes it is a foam filled can. And how woukld be a good way to reflect light off my ice box? would the shiny side of tin foil work? Anyways, I'll look up those three words and learn more about them. Thnx!
  7. Lots of bubbles??? I've heard you can just dump a bottle of Ivory liquid dish soap into a public fountain.... Go away for ten minutes then come back... Watch everyone stare lol.
  8. I say it's for looks, so you look like a cool scientist with wacky test tubes
  9. Sorry im only in 8th grade and have no idea what that means. its just plain old ice i have to keep frozen for 24 hrs. How do i use a vacuum on it?
  10. I never thoguht of it that way. i was thinking, what if i make the ice box, wrap in in multiple layers of tinfoil, and freeze more than 48 hours, then brought it in to school to leave over night... Maybe like insolent? My dad has a can of spray insolent, you spray and it hardens up super hard and expands.. hrmm.. Anyone out there to help?
  11. Ok theres a project in my science class at school called the Ice Box project. The goal is to create an icebox (without just buying a cooler) that holds ice in it for 24 hours. I was thinking about using tinfoil and stuff but im lost. Any ideas?
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