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    Different colored eyes

    Also, I see colors the same way as everybody else (no color blindness) but I can't say for anyone else because i've never met anyone else w/ 2 diff colored eyes
  2. jessg

    Different colored eyes

    Hi there I just wanted to comment and see if anyone out there could give me any info as well. I was born with 2 blue eyes, and after about 18 mos. one of my eyes turned brown. Prior to me no one in my family has ever had 2 different colored eyes. I've never had any kind of trauma or injury to explain it, nor ever had any medication stronger than robitussin. Eyesight in both eyes is normal,never had any need for glasses or anything. Also, I never even heard this had a name till I googled "2 different colored eys", m liscense acually reads 'dichromatic'. Please feel free to let me know if ayone else knows anyhting...
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