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  1. I hate the scientists that get a kick out of being elitist snobs.
  2. bigger will lead to more expensive which defeats the whole purpose of going to a community school for most.
  3. Please no more graphs and charts. Statistics isn't science. I was merely pointing out that natural events such as volcanic eruption or forest fire affect CO2 levels far more than industry.
  4. I don't particularily remember any specific dreams, however on ocassion I dream of falling, and I physically experience the sensation and wake up because of it.
  5. Human have such little impact on earth. Yes, the globe is warming. But human actions have little to nothing to do with it.
  6. Sea Turtle so I can just chill out for 150 years.
  7. Probably some astrological catastrophe. So I see us around for some 100 million years at least.
  8. There is a codec available from winamp. This particular codec cancels vocals, I don't believe the reverse is also true. The codec isn't perfect but atleast it's something.
  9. I agree. This discussion is far more philisophical than scientific.
  10. Yes I did, or atleast something purposeful.
  11. One would also have to define suffering. And I must point out that every deed (good or evil) can result in suffering of a party, whether directly or indirectly. Any and all religions. Of course the most predominant religion will see the influence of "their" morality, in the case of the United States... Christianity.
  12. Depends entirely on the environment... It is true that the typical natural environment is hostile to archaelogical records, but stable environments can preserve features quite well. Frozen, arrid, waterlogged environments are ideal for preserving organic material. Natural disasters can also play a part in preservation through, landslides, avalanche, volcanic eruption etc.
  13. That is the case, however, the morals one holds in the abscence of religion are morals that are derived from religion. Morality is conditioned, much like aesthetics.
  14. Psychology research has stated that conciously trying to dream about something seldom works.
  15. One must ask themselves, "what makes something good and what makes something bad?"
  16. In your scenario, you could possibly be linked to the murder (although unlikely) however, a conviction would be out of the question. This hypothetical has brought back memories of the Novel Crime and Punishment. By the end of the novel the police absolutely know who committed the murder but knew they could not convict him.
  17. That reminds me of the film, Escape from L.A.
  18. Morality is simply a word manufactured through religion, ancient and modern.
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