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  1. For Mr. Bignoise, i am really sorry for your discomfort, i just want to invite everyone for sharing and discuss about my post, and that's my post from my teaching material. And i am really sorry again and again if you really mad with my post.
  2. Dear Sir I have a question, are people who have been exposed to nuclear radiation transmitting it to others?
  3. yes..religion affect to happiness. when we have nothing... the religion still stay in our believe , guide us through the darkness day into the light of tomorrow
  4. History can be a science as long there were some approach with mathematic and statistic that explain about past event. That was mean the situation in past could be calculated in future but not in predicted
  5. Kikis


    I think crocodile, shark and also comodo was a living relict of dinosaur Well.. i'm living in Indonesia, but there was no dinosaur fossils found in my area..is there any conditions in the past or geological formations that being dinosaur's places to live?
  6. Dear friends I have a homework about preparation the teaching material content of plant tissue analysis, if you have an material as an example, i hope you don't mine for sending to me..
  7. <br /><br /><br /> Thanks for your information Sir.. it's all about phenology right?
  8. The plant clove need temperature rate about 200 C in a month for induce the flower in one year. Below in 1990 many farmer was suggested with high yield of clove plant with commercial promise from many local company that would received their harvest. The fever of clover cultivation begin flourish in 1990 with 3 years prediction the harvest time would comes. The cultivation area were not consider with the climate regime, the farmer believe the plant need cold temperature, as their planted in highland. After 5 years the clove plant were have no flower. Many farmer sold their clove plantation be
  9. i had a task to create teaching material about plant tissue analysis.. i hope someone could give me some information about that

    1. Blahah


      make a forum thread with more detail and I'll give you some help


    2. Kikis


      Yes Sir.. i need the procedure about the plant tissue analysis

      within the scope of laboratory

  10. Some of the scientists believed the virus was very ancient material in our universe beside the microorganism like bacteria. Both of them had been fight against each other for a million years to conquer our earth. Until new species like plants, animals, also human was appear in the earth, their attention had been averted to prey those species like that were happen till today
  11. I ever floor the statement about Dolphin and whale was not a fish but its classified in sea mamals. Many audiences was not believed, they need a proved . I tried my best to prove it but i had shortage with concept and theory and also evolution picture. I need help for some material, and picture that could explain much about dolphin evolution from its ancestor till recent species.
  12. I think that was a worse action for drinking your own urine. If the reason was about for health, i think there were many healthy drink but not urine, because the human urine had been through digestion process in human body and it had been punish as liquid waste. Why don't we drink an orange juice, tomato juice, that's healthy i guess
  13. according with my opinion, the rainfall amount in rain forest should be in > 2500 mm/years, and basically the rainfall should be equal in rainfall rate for entire mount in one year and the water content from rainfall could support many vegetations and animals in the forest
  14. well done with your BA Sir...i suggest you to learn about how to make a blog and website. After that you can continued with learn about XHTML, because HTML was a main require in making the website.
  15. Right ..but do you have any date or research report that could support your argument? I have some date and report that organic farming with using bacteria could reduced soil acidity, increase plant growth and increase pH soil level beneath the neutral level. Normally, off course green manure can not support plant nutrient supply in short time, we still count on chemical fertilizer to increase high yield crop production, but in order to balance, conserve and increase soil productivity it promised. There was nothing wrong with modern agriculture in modern world in order to support human feed, bu
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