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  1. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. And as for the big bang, I think it is highly credible given what string theory tells us about our reality. A concentrated vibrating mass would eventual diffuse, much like Brownian Motion.
  2. Animals almost always have sharper senses than humans, probably because they lack the phenomenon of reason, and emotion. I think it is likely that some animals will feel the EQ coming on before the ground starts shaking.
  3. I believe homosexuality derives from either: 1. Social distortion, meaning society affects someone in a way that makes the believe they are attracted to the same sex. 2. Hormone imbalance, not enough testosterone/estrogen or other chemicals. 3. Confusion of stimuli, the confusion of stimuli is my favorite explanation, it means that early in one's child hood, a stimulus occurred that was either rewarded or justified by the individual causing a confusion in sexual preferences. And then there is always the fourth option saying that's just the way things are..... But that wouldn't be applying science.
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    I was wanting to know as much I can on the subject of LSD. What chemical reactions change the perceptions of the user? Are flashbacks the brain releasing LSD at small dosages after long term use, or is it because of changing external stimuli? Can LSD have any beneficial medical applications? Also, is there any validation in the statement that LSD may actually make one smarter (Or atleast more interested in science.)? Why was the CIA so interested with LSD? Any knowledge on the subject is wanted, even personal experiences with the drug.
  5. Is it possible to create a battery from magnets? The idea came to me when I was in biology learning about cellular respiration. ATPs, or Adenosine Triphosphate which uses a negatively charged phosphate in concentration to energize the body. So my question is, can you make a battery harnessing the energy created by 3 negatively charged magnets being forced together. Would the magnets be enough to create a substantial amount of excited electrons? Could these electrons be used for energy?
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